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Pay Plans

The amount of compensation listed in the following pay plans reflect the rate of pay for full-time positions. Pay rates will be proportionate for less than full-time positions.

Steps 23 and 24 are reserved for the purposes of providing market based wage adjustments and no employee may be placed on step 23 or 24 unless authorized to do so by executive directive. The steps are not used for hires, promotions, demotions, etc.

Fiscal Year 2025 Pay Plan

Fiscal Year 2024 Pay Plan

Fiscal Year 2023 Pay Plan

Fiscal Year 2022 Pay Plan

Fiscal Year 2021 Pay Plan

Fiscal Year 2020 Mid Year Pay Plan

Previous Pay Plans

Related Statutes

  • K.S.A 75-2938 -  Classified service; assignment of positions to classes; titles and descriptions for classes; assignment of classes to ranges; pay plan; wage and salary surveys; delegation of assignment of positions; schedule of salary and wage ranges and steps; approval of governor.

Related Kansas Administrative Regulations

  • K.A.R. 1-2-42   Definition of an Exempt employee

  • K.A.R. 1-2-42a Definition of a Non-Exempt employee

  • K.A.R. 1-5-21   Biweekly salary or hourly rates

  • K.A.R. 1-5-24   Overtime

  • K.A.R. 1-5-28   Shift Differential

  • K.A.R. 1-9-1     Hours of Work

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