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State Building Construction Inspections

For general questions about inspections, please contact Stephen Fenske at 785-296-8579.

For a map of each inspector's assigned area, please click here.
The Department of Administration - Office of Facilities Management - Design, Construction & Compliance conducts building construction inspections on buildings and property owned by the State of Kansas. 

K.S.A. 75-3783 "...secretary of administration shall: ...(4) develop and adopt standards, with the advice and assistance of the director of architectural services, for the inspection and acceptance of projects for the construction of buildings and major repairs and improvements to buildings for state agencies and for the qualifications of inspection personnel employed by state agencies."

K.S.A.75-1262 The building inspection section acting on behalf of the secretary of administration:

"...secretary of administration shall perform periodic inspection of the construction project." 

Additionally, "The final inspection of the project shall be conducted jointly by the project architect, engineer or land surveyor, if there is one, the state agency and the secretary of administration.

The results of such final inspection shall be reported to the secretary of administration. Upon determining that the project has been satisfactorily completed, based on the recommendations of the project architect, engineer or land surveyor, if there is one, and the state agency and on other information, the secretary of administration shall officially accept the project as satisfactorily complete and thereby authorize the state agency for which the project was completed to occupy and make use of the project. No state agency shall occupy or make use of any building or portion thereof which has been constructed, or any areas of a building which were repaired or improved, until the project therefore has been officially accepted as provided in this section, except that an agency may occupy all or any area of any such building for which the contractor has agreed in writing to complete and correct all work for the project in accordance with the contract documents within a time specified after the date of such occupancy."

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