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KTOP Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is KTOP?
  • What is the difference between KTOP and TOP?
  • How is KTOP different from the Setoff Program?


  • Who should I contact if I have questions about my debt?
  • How do I make payment on a debt I owe?
  • I didn’t receive a notice in the mail. Can I get a copy?
  • Will my debt being sent to TOP affect my credit report?

Payor Agencies

  • Why is the deadline for SMART voucher same day processing 10:00 AM if PayCycle doesn't run until 2:30 PM?
  • What types of state payments are matched against federal debts?
  • How can I tell in SMART when a payment voucher has been offset?
  • How will we know when a payment we made is intercepted for a federal debt?
  • A payment we made was offset, but we did not receive a notice. How do we get a copy?
  • How can I tell the difference between a KTOP Notice of Offset and a KDRS Notice of Intent to Setoff?
  • How do I prevent an offset from occurring on a payment that should be exempt?
  • Will current payment exceptions that are being made by KDRS be honored in KTOP?
  • Why does our agency randomly receive a TOP Partial Matches Notification email from KTOP?
  • What are the different Setoff Status values on a payment voucher in SMART and what do they mean? Where can I view the Setoff Status?

Creditor Agencies - General

Creditor Agencies - Payments

  • What types of federal payments are matched against debts in KTOP? Do they include federal income tax refunds?
  • How will we know when a collection has been made on one of our debts?
  • Every morning I receive an "Outstanding Unconfirmed Transfers Notification" email from KTOP. What does it mean?

Creditor Agencies - Debts

  • Define what a debt is and what type of debts could be submitted in KTOP?
  • What debts are eligible for KTOP?
  • Can a debt be sent to KTOP even if the debtor doesn't live in Kansas?
  • What is a due diligence letter and how is it different from the three collection attempts we are already required to make?
  • What is the deadline for sending debts to KTOP?
  • Will we have to enter our debts in both KDRS and KTOP?
  • Will we have to enter any additional information in KDRS to submit debts to KTOP?
  • I entered a new debt in KDRS, but forgot to complete the additional KTOP fields. Can I still get the debt submitted to KTOP?
  • We have hundreds of debts in KDRS that we'd like to send to KTOP. Is there an easy way to submit them all?
  • How can I tell which of our debts have been sent to KTOP?
  • Can we enter into a payment agreement with a debtor after their debt has been sent to KTOP?
  • Can write-off debts be sent to KTOP?
  • What is the difference between a debtor record and a debt record?
  • Why can’t I locate a debt/debtor record that was previously in KTOP?
  • If a debtor owes multiple debts to both federal and state, what is the hierarchy for which entity gets paid first?
  • Can I get a list of all the debts and balances of each record our agency has entered into KTOP?

Creditor Agencies - Fees

  • Will KTOP charge us a fee? Will the fee charged by Setoff change?
  • Can we pass fees charged by TOP on to the debtor?

Creditor Agencies - Technical

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