Complete Application Form

What to Know

After choosing a job you would like to apply for, first register your Personal Data (you will receive an Applicant ID after submitting this information) and then fill out an application. The application can be filled out online and submitted directly to your agency of choice, or it can be printed out and mailed. An Applicant ID number is asked for on the application, if you have not received your Applicant ID yet, you may write “pending” in the space provided. You are still allowed to submit your information without an Applicant ID number. Every agency will require you to fill out an application form, even though the agency may already have your resume and cover letter. Applications may be used to make the first “cut” in screening applicants for interviews. The form may be a test to see how well you follow directions. It is always a good idea to take your time and do it well.

What to Do

Use the following suggestions to complete application forms:

  1. Be prepared when you fill out the form.
  2. Read and follow all directions before beginning to fill out the form.
  3. Do not write “see resume”
  4. Read each question and decide how you will answer before you begin to write. This will help you fit the answer into the available space, as well as write the best answer.
  5. Answer all questions. If a question does not apply or you feel the question invades your privacy, write N/A for “not applicable.” Do not leave blank spaces.
  6. Take your time, but work steadily.
  7. Answer questions honestly—never lie, and do not use sarcastic answers.
  8. Please call the Division of Personnel Services, (785) 296-4278, if you have questions or do not understand something about the form.
  9. After you complete the form, check it for accuracy, correct grammar, and spelling. Make a copy for your records.
  10. Follow up on the application at regular intervals (about every week) until you hear from the employer. The agency information is provided within the posting.
  11. Work Experience:  Make sure you have all the information you will need with you (Reference Information, Past Employer Information, etc..) Work on describing your duties before you fill out an application, so you can be brief and clear in your descriptions. If you prefer not to give your salary history, write “will discuss in interview” in the space provided. However, keep in mind some employers will screen you out. When giving your reason for leaving, never give a negative answer. “I completed my military goal,” “moved,” and “seasonal,” are all very acceptable answers. Do not write “fired.” If you were fired, write “will discuss in interview.”
  12. Position Desired:  Always fill in this space! Never write “any” or “will do anything!” A Requisition number is provided within the job postings. Do some research first so you know what jobs you qualify for and are available in the company.
  13. Other Related Experiences:  You are asked to list any special skills, abilities, experiences and/or training you have that relates to the position you want. This is an opportunity for you to highlight anything that may possibly set you apart from other applicants.