Kansas Digital Imaging Program Fund

The 2015 Kansas Legislature passed House Sub. for Senate Bill 112, which established the Digital Imaging Program Fund for the purpose of providing grants to state agencies for digital document imaging projects.  The Kansas Department of Administration was tasked with managing the Digital Imaging Program Fund grant process. 

Fiscal Year 2019 Funding is now available.

General program information/criteria for determining grant funding:

  • Availability of Federal funding to match funding received through the Digital Imaging Program Fund.
  • Agency need for funding for digital document imaging projects.
  • Availability of Digital Imaging Grant Funding.  There is no deadline for submission for project funding.
  • Availability of alternate agency funding for digital imaging projects.
  • Impact the Digital Imaging Grant Funding will have on agency storage needs, costs and accessibility of records.
  • Agency need to comply with any state or federal laws relating to document storage/record retention.
  • The Agency must have a cost estimate of the project created with the consultation of the Digital Imaging State Use Vendor prior to submitting an application.

Cost Estimate Contact Information

Richard E. Stinnett, President - BTCO                                                                                      

Business Technology Career Opportunities, Inc.

5111 East 21st Street North, Wichita, Kansas 67208                                                          

Ph: 316-652-1561

Email: RichS@BTCOinc.com

Website: www.BTCOinc.com

Agencies may apply for grant funding by clicking the application link below or by downloading the PDF. application and submitting to:

By mail:
Kansas Department of Administration
Office of Chief Counsel
Attn: Digital Imaging Grant Fund
1000 SW Jackson, Suite 500
Topeka, KS 66612

By Fax: (785) 296-2702

or by Email
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