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DTaaS Device Pricing & Features

New Program - Dell

Effective June 2022, the DTaaS program offering is serviced by Dell Technologies.

Submit a ticket or Email EBITs for the 'DA -  Enterprise Systems' assignment group and provide the information below:

  • Requestor Name

  • Office

  • Phone Number

  • Users First and Last name

  • User's start date

  • User's email and phone if known at request time

  • Computer, accessories and peripherals needed.

Insight Pricing

Effective June 30, 2022, new leases will no longer be available through Insight. However, Insight will continue to perform support and maintenance services on active leased devices.

DTaaS device pricing as of November 2022 is below:



Device Specifications

Please see below for Insight DTaaS device specifications for advanced laptops, standard laptops, advanced 10 key laptops, and standard 10 key laptops.

Advanced Laptop - DELL LATITUDE 5420

Standard Laptop - DELL LATITUDE 5420


Standard 10 Key - DELL LATITUDE 5521

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