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DocuSign University Training Modules

  • Get Started with eSignature Administration   This course enables you to configure account settings, security settings, email preferences, and reminder defaults. You will also learn how to establish document retention settings and a legal disclosure. Please note that you may not have access to all sections inside your account. (35 Minutes)

  • Manage eSignature Users   This course enables you to add new users, manage existing users, establish custom permission profiles, establish user groups, and create a signing group on your DocuSign eSignature account. (35 Minutes)

  • eSignature Reporting and Auditing   This course enables you to use the eSignature reporting and auditing tools to gain insights into your DocuSign account. (35 Minutes)

  • eSignature Share and Transfer Ownership   This course enables you to share envelopes with users on your account, transfer individual envelope ownership to other users on your account and create automatic envelope custody transfer rules. (20 Minutes)

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