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Advanced Sending Training

DocuSign University Training Modules

  • Configure Envelopes for Sending   This course focuses on the benefits of customizing your envelopes and using optional features within DocuSign eSignature. After reviewing this course, you will be able to add supplemental documents to envelopes; add identity verification methods; configure delayed routing and scheduled sending; customize email languages and messages; set reminders and expirations; enable delegated signing, responsive signing, and smart sections; and use document markup and comments.(45 Minutes)

  • Customize Fields for Sending   This course shows how to use the Add Fields view to customize the signing experience. After reviewing this course, you will be able to add standard fields to a document, view and edit properties through the Field Properties panel, add custom fields, display calculated values by using formula fields, determine how fields display by using conditional logic, and automatically place fields by using AutoPlace. (30 Minutes)

  • Send Using Document Visibility   This course shows you how to control the files each recipient sees through the use of document visibility. After reviewing this course, you will be able to define document visibility, control the visibility of documents to specific recipients by using the document visibility grid, and force document visibility by using invisible fields. (30 Minutes)

  • Send Using PowerForms and Bulk Send   Learn how to use DocuSign eSignature PowerForms and bulk send to reach large audiences. This course focuses on two powerful eSignature tools you can use to reach large audiences. After reviewing this course, you will be able to describe when and why to use PowerForms and bulk send, copy and distribute PowerForm URLs, manage PowerForm responses, generate and complete customized bulk recipient CSV files, and send envelopes using bulk send. (30 Minutes)

  • Manage PowerForms and PowerForm Responses   Learn how to manage, organize, view and download DocuSign eSignature PowerForm data. After reviewing this course, you will be able to: Recognize ways to manage and organize PowerForms, collect and view PowerForm responses, and download PowerForm data. (15 Minutes)

  • Bulk Send Agreements for eSignature Webinar   In this hands-on learning lab, you will learn how to create a bulk mailing list, send envelopes to a bulk list of recipients, and merge recipient information into DocuSign fields. (1 Hour)

  • Send Using Conditional Routing   Learn how to automatically route DocuSign eSignature envelopes based on pre-defined rules. Conditional routing lets you automate the process of sending eSignature envelopes to different recipients based on pre-defined rules. After reviewing this course, you will be able to explain how conditional routing is used, add conditional recipients to templates and envelopes, and configure conditional routing logic for both simple and complex use cases.(15 Minutes)

  • eSignature Share and Transfer Ownership   This course enables you to share envelopes with users on your account, transfer individual envelope ownership to other users on your account and create automatic envelope custody transfer rules. (20 Minutes)

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