LESO / 1033 Program

Law Enforcement Eligibility Criteria: Law enforcement agencies (LEAs) must be a "law enforcement activity" whose primary function is enforcement of applicable Federal, State and local laws as defined by the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) regulation and whose compensated officers have powers of arrest and apprehension.

Enrollment: LEAs must request enrollment via their State Coordinator and must provide a completed data sheet at the time enrollment is requested.  This request, once approved by the State Coordinator, will be forwarded on to LESO for their approval.

Training: The LESO State Coordinator, his/her staff, and all LEAs participating in the program should be trained and familiar with the DLA regulations governing the LESO program.  A majority of this information can be found in the Additional Information section.

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LESO / 1033 Program Contact Information

Tim Hutley
LESO / 1033 State Coordinator
Phone: 785-296-8992
Fax: 785-296-4060
Email: Tim Hutley