Federal Surplus Property

The Federal Surplus Property program is a "donation" program that makes it possible for the State of Kansas to bring in excess Federal Government property and make it available to our customers at greatly reduced fees (This program is NOT open to the public).  There is no cost to utilize this program, except for the donation fees associated with the property we bring in; these fees cover our freight costs and a small administrative fee.  This program brings in a wide array of property spanning from gloves to 20 ton dump trucks.  Customers signed up in the Federal Surplus program are automatically enrolled in the State Surplus Property program as well.  We also have the ability to take special requests from our customers, via the Federal Surplus - Donee Wish List, in order to try and find specific items our customers are looking for.  Just fill out the form and email it back to us or give us a call and we will see what we can do to help you find what you are looking for.  Please make sure to check out our catalog and see if we have something on hand that could be a benefit to your agency as we get new property in daily.


Kansas Federal Surplus Property is open to qualified, active Agencies/Donees by appointment only.

Please call (785) 296-2351 to make an appointment


Applications / Forms

Application Instructions

Please click the link above and select the type of agency from the list.
NOTE: all Museums must also select and fill out the museum access agreement  per new federal requirements.
Weapons Letter of Intent: For Law Enforcement Agencies wanting to acquire weapons through the GSA Property Program

Federal Surplus Property Contact Information

Main Office Contact Information
Phone: 785-296-2351
Fax: 785-296-4060
Email: Federal Surplus Office

Property Contact Information

Surplus Program Specialist
Phone: 785-296-8969
Surplus Property Agent
Phone: 785-296-8969