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Office of Public Affairs

Welcome to the Office of Public Affairs. The office is charged with executing internal and external communications for the Department of Administration, including contact with media, assisting with Kansas Open Records Act requests and coordinating with other agency public information officers. The agency publishes a monthly newsletter, Connected, that is distributed to all Department of Administration employees.

The office also serves as the legislative liaison between the agency and the Kansas Legislature. The office works with legislators, the governor's office and other state agencies on policy matters and provides information to help guide decisions.


Visiting Topeka
If you are planning a trip to Topeka to visit the Kansas Statehouse or other state office buildings, you can download a copy of the map of the area, including a location of state agencies housed in the Capitol Complex. Enjoy your visit. 

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News releases

Governor authorizes pay increases for unclassified state employees

Sep 07, 2017

Governor Brownback on Thursday authorized state agencies to grant a 2.5 percent raise to any unclassified employee in the Executive Branch who was left out of the Legislature’s pay plan.

The decision comes after consultation with members of the Governor’s Cabinet, the Director of the Budget, and state employees. The Governor does not have the legal authority to extend raises to only those classified employees who did not receive an increase from the Legislature, only further legislative action could do that. Therefore, the raise only applies to unclassified workers who fell through the pay plan criteria established by the legislature.

“This effort furthers the Governor’s commitment to rewarding employees for their performance and trust in their employer,” said Secretary of Administration Sarah Shipman said. “The administration is currently looking at the agency budgets for Fiscal Year 2019 to determine how inequities and salary compression can be further addressed.  We look forward to working with the 2018 Legislature to further address this situation.”

The pay increases will utilize existing agency funds and take effect the pay period that starts Sunday, September 24th.

While most large agencies will utilize existing funds to allocate the raise via paychecks on an ongoing basis, some agencies will use one-time funds to give a bonus equivalent to the 2.5 percent increase.

Additional information will be provided to employees by agencies, including opportunities for classified employees to receive a pay increase by voluntarily accepting an unclassified position.