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Welcome to the Office of Public Affairs. The office is charged with executing internal and external communications for the Department of Administration, including contact with media, assisting with Kansas Open Records Act requests and coordinating with other agency public information officers.

The office also serves as the legislative liaison between the agency and the Kansas Legislature. The office works with legislators, the Governor's Office and other state agencies on policy matters and provides information to help guide decisions.


News releases

Statehouse copper dome receives restoration award

Oct 09, 2014

The copper dome atop the Kansas Statehouse was celebrated on Oct. 9 as one of 14 new and restored structures in the United States to receive the 2014 award for copper in architecture.

copper dome photoAt a ceremony in the visitor center of the Statehouse, the state of Kansas, Treanor Architects, and JE Dunn were all honored for their work which led the dome to be recognized by the North American Copper in Architecture (NACIA) organization.

NACIA announced last summer that the Kansas capitol building was one of 14 recipients of the annual award for excellence in new construction and restoration projects utilizing copper.

“This building is such a great asset to the state,” said Larry Peters, project manager for the Copper Development Association, Inc. (CDA). “I’ve been impressed by how proud the people here are of this building, and how the Statehouse dominates the skyline of Topeka.”

Peters presented plaques to Statehouse Architect Barry Greis and to representatives of JE Dunn and Treanor Architects.

“Everything needs a degree of maintenance,” said Peters. “Copper is known for its beauty as well as its durability. It has the potential to protect the building for another 100-plus years, just as it has in the past.”

Greis and Peters      clark opens NACIA ceremony