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Welcome to the Office of Public Affairs. The office is charged with executing internal and external communications for the Department of Administration, including contact with media, assisting with Kansas Open Records Act requests and coordinating with other agency public information officers.

The office also serves as the legislative liaison between the agency and the Kansas Legislature. The office works with legislators, the Governor's Office and other state agencies on policy matters and provides information to help guide decisions.


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OFPM updates occupants of Docking Building on relocation options

Jul 21, 2014
The Office of Facilities and Procurement Management (OFPM) sent a letter Friday, July 18, to the agencies which occupy parts of the Docking Building to provide them details about their relocation. 

The agency plans to decommission the building and is working to find homes for the agencies currently housed in the partially-empty building. Currently utilizing space in the Docking Building are the Departments of Revenue, Children and Families and Administration, as well as the Capitol Police.

You can read the text of the communication sent by OFPM below.

To the Departments of Revenue, Children and Families and Administration, and all occupants of the Docking Building:

The Department of Administration (KDOA) has determined, and experts from the private sector have verified, that the Docking Building has reached a point at which it will be much more expensive to repair than it will be to decommission. The State is fortunate that at this time there are a host of favorable locations for relocation of the Docking occupants.

A number of competitive proposals have been submitted to the KDOA, and the heads of each agency affected in the decommissioning are currently reviewing and evaluating said proposals. We are not at liberty, however, to identify any potential new locations or discuss any of these numerous options with the general public. But I am confident that the occupants of Docking will be more than satisfied with the new homes their agencies choose.

The Office of Personnel Services on the fourth floor of Docking has already determined its new location will be in the Landon Building, and they will begin moving within the next few weeks.

As for the other agencies in the building, no timeline has been determined for relocation. The process requires first that the new locations be selected, the leases negotiated, and the spaces retrofitted to meet the needs of the new occupants. That will require several months. Recognizing that winter can make moving difficult, and that the legislative session and tax season are busy times for our agencies, we will determine the most strategic time for relocation. Moving is never easy or fun, but we will try to make the timing as conducive as possible to the many tasks of the agencies.

The relocation of the Capitol Police and KDOA Facilities employees will come later, as the plan for their future home is developed.

In the meantime, some work will be taking place on some of the vacant floors – salvageable hardware and materials are being removed. This will not affect the function of the agencies still being done in the building, and other than a little extra noise, it should go generally unnoticed.

Please be patient as further details are sorted out, and please help to keep rumors from spreading. When future locations are determined and moving dates are established, your agency will communicate those details with you before they will be shared with the media or any outside party.

Mark McGivern
Director of Facilities and Procurement Management /OFPM
Kansas Department of Administration