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Office of Public Affairs

Welcome to the Office of Public Affairs. The office is charged with executing internal and external communications for the Department of Administration, including contact with media, assisting with Kansas Open Records Act requests and coordinating with other agency public information officers. The agency publishes a monthly newsletter, Connected, that is distributed to all Department of Administration employees.

The office also serves as the legislative liaison between the agency and the Kansas Legislature. The office works with legislators, the governor's office and other state agencies on policy matters and provides information to help guide decisions.


Visiting Topeka
If you are planning a trip to Topeka to visit the Kansas Statehouse or other state office buildings, you can download a copy of the map of the area, including a location of state agencies housed in the Capitol Complex. Enjoy your visit. 

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News releases

KDOA announces its new website to the public

Apr 02, 2014
Kansas Department of Administration (KDOA) Secretary Jim Clark announced Wednesday, April 2, 2014, that the agency has unveiled its new website,

The site originally was made available to the public on January 13, and designers have had two and a half months to troubleshoot problem areas and to upload the large amount of material in the Municipal Services and Surplus Property divisions.

“Some people have invested a great deal of time and effort to bring all of our information online,” said Director of Public Affairs Todd Fertig. “It’s sort of like building a plane after it’s already off the ground, and they’ve done a great job keeping it up and running efficiently even as it’s developed.”

With the new website, which was designed for easy access across mobile and desktop devices, the agency offers a digital platform for access to its many services, including procurement and contracts, state surplus, job opportunities and resources for state employees.

“It’s our goal to be the most user-friendly and effective agency we can be,” said Clark. “We are excited for the new design of the site because we believe it will be much more intuitive and easier to navigate than our site has been in the past. I encourage all our employees to spend some time becoming familiar with the site.”

The new KDOA site offers quick and easy access to essential information and features that are utilized by Kansans by placing them in three comprehensive groupings – “For Citizens,” “For State Employees,” and “For State Agencies.” 

The Municipal Services section of the website offers easy access to budget and audit information. Schools, libraries and recreation commissions rely upon the section for official services. The Surplus Property section permits users to view federal and state surplus items, and to learn about public auctions.

“All the other state agencies, as well as many private citizens, depend upon the functions of the Department of Administration to enable them to do their jobs and to receive services,” said Clark. “We want to ensure that our website helps them accomplish their tasks in the most simple, straightforward way possible.”