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Phillip Curtis


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Employment Services (All HR)
      Temporary Staffing, Human Resources, Labor Relations, Recruiting and related Services

Hospital and Medical Equipment and Supplies
      Blood Products and Equipment Dental Equipment and Supplies
      Hospital and Medical Equipment and Supplies / Durable Medical Equipment
      Optometry Equipment and Supplies / Hearing Aids
      Radiation (X-ray) Monitoring Devices and Supplies

Laboratory Chemicals, Diagnostics, Equipment, Testing and Supplies
      Balances (Laboratory) / Electronic Lab Equipment and Supplies
      Laboratory Equipment Maintenance / Microscopes and Microscope Repair Service
      Sterilizers and Maintenance / Toxicology / DNA Testing

Large Printing Equipment and Printing related Services (State Print Shop)
      Binding Equipment and services
      Blueprinting Services, Equipment and Supplies / Forms, Continuous, Tickets
      Graphic Arts Equipment and Supplies / Health Quest Newsletter
      Paper Handling and other Large Related Equipment
      Pressroom Equipment Maintenance /Shredding Services / Scanning Services / Recycling
      Vehicle Graphics

Graduation Supplies (Diplomas and Cases)

Library Supplies

Mailing Equipment, Supplies and Services

Packaging Items / Boxes (Chipboard and Corrugated)

Paper Products
      Paper (Roll Stock, copier, printer)
      Paper cups and plates

Security Guard Services

Pharmaceuticals (MMCAP, Family Planning, Veterinary, Diabetes, Vaccines)

Pharmacy Equipment and Supplies

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