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David Stueve


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Architectural and Construction Projects
            Campground Construction / Fencing Materials and Installation / Parking Lot Construction
            Home Modifications and Lifts for the Disabled 

Asbestos Removal

Building Materials and Hardware 
            Carpet, Tile, Floor Coverings and Mats 
            Locksets, Keys / Window Blinds

            Chemicals (Industrial Use and Industrial Grades for Paint)
            Degreasers and Solvents
            Soaps and Detergent Compounds (excluding laundry use)

Earth Moving and Excavation Services

Electrical Services, Equipment and Supplies
            Light Bulbs and Lamps (Building and Highway) 

Elevator Installation and Maintenance 

Facility Repair and Maintenance Services 
            Building Repair and Maintenance 
            Carpentry Services / Electrical Services / Painting Services / Plumbing Services
            Concrete and Masonry Repair
            Welding Services

Glass (Mirrors, Windows, etc.)

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) Equipment, Supplies and Services
            Boiler Equipment, Supplies and Chemicals / Cooling Towers and Chemicals
            Furnaces / Air Conditioners (window units and self-contained) 

Insurance Products and Services
            Surety Bonds (Committee)

Metals Components, Prefabricated, Industrial 
            Culverts (Concrete and Corrugated Steel) / Guard Rails

Paint and Painting Equipment, Supplies and Services

Plumbing Equipment, Supplies and Services
            Water Heaters / Water Pumps

Signs (Exterior Signage and Interior Building Directory Signs) 

Signs and Signals (Traffic Control)

Standby or backup electrical generators / Uninterruptable Power Systems (UPS) for Buildings 

Waterproofing Services and Supplies

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