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Bridget Martinez


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Aerial Photography Services

Aerial Spraying and Seeding

Air Charter Service


Agricultural Equipment
      Tractors (Agricultural and Industrial)
      Sprayers, Industrial and Agricultural
      Grain Inspection Equipment

Animal Care Equipment, Supplies and Services
      Cages and Traps
      Aquatic – Fish Food and Live Fish; Aquaculture Chemicals
      Feed and Forages – Grain and all Feed for Animal, Fish and Wildlife Consumption
      Shavings, Wood (Animal Bedding)

Equipment Service Agreements

Fuel, Motor (Diesel, Gasoline, Fuel Oil, Propane)

Gas/Fuel Cards

Gases (Bottled, Bulk, Medical Welding)

Law Enforcement Equipment and Supplies
      Emergency Lighting, Radars and Sirens
      Badges (Guard, Police, etc.)
      Walk-Thru Metal Detectors 
      Weapons, Ammunition and Accessories
      Trunk Vaults

Motor Vehicles (Automobiles, Vans, Trucks, Buses)
      ATV / UTV
      Auto Lubricants
      Auto Parts, Accessories and Equipment
      Motor Vehicle Repair and Maintenance Services
      Tires and Parts
      Trailers Truck Bodies
      Vehicle / Van Modifications


Vending Equipment
      Cash Registers
      Vending Machines (Food & Beverage Related)

Well Drilling and Plugging Services

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