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Brett James


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Computer (Office) Hardware  
            Computer Cables
            Desktop Printers, Plotters and Scanners
            Memory / Peripherals 
            Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) for office applications 

Copiers / Copy Machines / Duplicating Equipment and Supplies
            Multi-Function-Devices (MFDs)

Facsimile (fax) Machines

Large Printing Equipment and Printing related Services (State Print Shop) 
            Binding Equipment and services
            Blueprinting Services, Equipment and Supplies / Forms, Continuous, Tickets
            Graphic Arts Equipment and Supplies / Health Quest Newsletter
            Paper Handling and other Large Related Equipment
            Pressroom Equipment Maintenance / Shredding, Scanning, Recycling Services
            Vehicle Graphics

Law Enforcement Equipment and Supplies
            Emergency Lighting, Radars, and Sirens 
            Badges (Guard, Police, etc.)
            Walk-Thru Metal Detectors
            Weapons, Ammunition and Accessories
            Trunk Vaults

Law Enforcement Related Technology

Graduation Supplies (Diplomas and Cases) 

Library Supplies 

Mailing Equipment, Supplies and Services

Packaging Items / Boxes (Chipboard and Corrugated)

Paper Products 
            Paper (Roll Stock, copier, printer)
            Paper cups and plates

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