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Morgan Appelhanz


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GSR PARGrants / Sub recipients

Advertising and Public Relations

Heavy Machinery and Equipment (Road Building, Earth Moving)
            Blades, Grader and Snowplow 
            Engines / Compressors, Air
            Highway Mowers and Sprayers / Street Sweepers, Washers, Power Mowers and Trimmers
            Portable Generators / Portable Pumps / Saws, Chain
            Scales (Non-Laboratory) 
            Spreaders (Aggregate, Salt, etc.) 

Industrial, Maintenance and Repair Supplies (MRO)
            Janitorial Equipment Supplies and Cleaning Chemicals 

Lottery Equipment and Services
            Ticket Dispensers
            Marketing/Advertising Services
            Lottery Specific Software

Material Handling Equipment and Supplies 
            Motorized Material Handling Equipment and Personnel Lifts 

Metals (Bar, Plate, Sheet, Strip) 
            Aluminum, Brass, Copper, etc. 
            Metallic recovery
            Sheeting (Aluminum, Corrugated, Plastic and Steel) 
            Signs, Metal Blanks

Office Supplies

Plastics (Bags, Mats, Rods, Sheets) 

Promotional Materials
            Advertising Specialties
            T-Shirts and other Promotional Clothing
            Promotional Trophies and Awards

Safety Equipment and Supplies 

State Use Vendors

Walk-In Supplies 

Brett James


Click here for Brett James Commodity Listing

Computer (Office) Hardware  
            Computer Cables
            Desktop Printers, Plotters and Scanners
            Memory / Peripherals 
            Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) for office applications 

Copiers / Copy Machines / Duplicating Equipment and Supplies
            Multi-Function-Devices (MFDs)

Facsimile (fax) Machines

Large Printing Equipment and Printing related Services (State Print Shop) 
            Binding Equipment and services
            Blueprinting Services, Equipment and Supplies / Forms, Continuous, Tickets
            Graphic Arts Equipment and Supplies / Health Quest Newsletter
            Paper Handling and other Large Related Equipment
            Pressroom Equipment Maintenance / Shredding, Scanning, Recycling Services
            Vehicle Graphics

Law Enforcement Equipment and Supplies
            Emergency Lighting, Radars, and Sirens 
            Badges (Guard, Police, etc.)
            Walk-Thru Metal Detectors
            Weapons, Ammunition and Accessories
            Trunk Vaults

Law Enforcement Related Technology

Graduation Supplies (Diplomas and Cases) 

Library Supplies 

Mailing Equipment, Supplies and Services

Packaging Items / Boxes (Chipboard and Corrugated)

Paper Products 
            Paper (Roll Stock, copier, printer)
            Paper cups and plates

William Nolen


Click here for William Nolen Commodity Listing

Audio/Video Multimedia Equipment, Supplies and Services
            Audiometers (hearing testers)
            Digital Recording Equipment (Logging, Music)
            Microfilm Equipment and Supplies
            Photographic Equipment and Supplies

Technology Hardware
            Desktop, Laptops, Servers (including leases) 
            Disk and Tape Drives

Technology Maintenance 
            Computer Hardware Maintenance
            Local Area Networks (LAN) 
            Storage Area Networks (SAN) Systems

Information Technology – Enterprise Systems and Services
            Enterprise Computer Projects / Applications
            Enterprise Software
            Consulting and Training Services
            Integrated Technology Services
            Web-Based Services

Road Weather Information System and Services (Participating addendum)

Phillip Curtis


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Agricultural Leasing and Pasture Improvement

Air Charter Service


Armored Transport 

Building Leases - State Agency

Employment Services (All HR)
            Temporary Staffing, Human Resources, Labor Relations, Recruiting and related Services

Hospital and Medical Equipment and Supplies
            Blood Products and Equipment Dental Equipment and Supplies 
            Hospital and Medical Equipment and Supplies / Durable Medical Equipment
            Optometry Equipment and Supplies / Hearing Aids
            Radiation (X-ray) Monitoring Devices and Supplies 

Laboratory Chemicals, Diagnostics, Equipment, Testing and Supplies
            Balances (Laboratory) / Electronic Lab Equipment and Supplies 
            Laboratory Equipment Maintenance / Microscopes and Microscope Repair Service 
            Sterilizers and Maintenance / Toxicology / DNA Testing

Motor Vehicles (Automobiles, Vans, Trucks, Buses), 
            ATV / UTV 
            Auto Lubricants
            Auto Parts, Accessories and Equipment 
            Motor Vehicle Repair and Maintenance Services
            Tires and Parts
            Trailers Truck Bodies
            Vehicle / Van Modifications

Motor Vehicle Rentals

Security Guard Services & Armored Transport 

Pharmaceuticals (MMCAP, Family Planning, Veterinary, Diabetes, Vaccines)

Pharmacy Equipment and Supplies

            Boats, Boat Motors, Related Equipment & Services

Bonnie Edwards


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CHE PAR – Conference/Hotel Event
PSP PAR – Professional Service Sunshine Act

Assistive Technology

Environmental Equipment, Supplies and Services
      Anti-Pollution Apparatus (Air and Water Quality)
      Environmental Management and Consulting
      Environmental Remediation Projects
      Hazardous Waste Disposal / Low Level Radioactive Waste Disposal
      Meteorological Instruments

Furniture (Purchase and Rental)
      Office Furniture

Interpreters (Language and Disability)

Legal Services
      Contract Attorneys / Court Reporters / Hearing Officers
      Professional Service Sunshine Act - KSA 75-37,130 to 135 (includes Expert Witnesses)
      Receiverships (for nursing homes)

Services – Financial
      Auditing / Accounting / Finance / Banking Services
      Business Procurement Card / Business Travel Cards
      Collections Services
      Credit Card Acceptance Programs / Debit Card Deposit Programs
      Flexible Spending Account Administration
      Indirect Cost Allocation Plans

Service Contracts
      Investigative Services and Reporting
      Service of Process

Services – General
      Actuarial Services
      Burial Services / Pastoral Services
      Catering (Typically related to Conference/Hotel Events)
      Social Services (Foster Care and Adoption Services)

Services – Health Care
      Aging Services / Autism Assessments
      Behavioral Health / Crisis Response / Family Functional Therapy
      Drug Testing Services / Pharmacy Services 
      Employee Assistance Programs / Wellness Programs / Employee Health Benefits Plans (SEHBP)
      Health Risk Appraisals / Healthcare Services / Managed Care
      Medicaid (KanCare) / Medical Review Services
      Physical Therapy Services / Occupational Therapy Services / Rehabilitation Services
      Psychiatric Care / Sexual Offender Treatment
      Substance Abuse Testing and Treatment / Problem Gambling Treatment

Travel and Related Services

Neal Farron


Click here for Neal Farron Commodity Listing

Fire Alarm and Sprinkler Systems
            Fire Extinguishers – Equipment and Service 
            Fire Suppression
            Installation, Services and Maintenance

Global Positioning Systems (GPS) / Navigational Instruments 

Identification Card Systems, Equipment and Supplies

Security Alarm Systems

Security Cameras and Maintenance 

Services - General
            Conference (Attendee) Fees
            Educational, Training and Testing Services
            Memberships and Related Fees
            Press Clipping and News Clipping Analysis
            Records Storage and Document Destruction Services

Service Contracts:
            Courier Service / Express Mail Service / Logistics 
            Moving Services
            Research and Survey
            Special and General Administrative

Telecommunications Equipment and Services
            Cellular Phones and Pagers
            Microwave Transmission Equipment and Services 
            Satellite Equipment and Service
            Telephones, Equipment and Services 
            Telecommunications Consulting Services
            Teleconferencing Equipment, Systems and Services

Tyrone Gasper


Click here for Tyrone Gasper Commodity Listing

USR PAR – Utilities

Binoculars and Telescopes

Drums (Steel or Fibre, Includes Reconditioning)

Fitness and Recreation Equipment and Supplies
      Fitness and Exercise Equipment
      Playground Equipment
      Picnic Grills and Tables
      Camping Equipment
      Fair and Stage Equipment
      Swimming Pool Equipment

Flags and Flagpoles

Landscaping Materials and Services
      Fertilizers, Fungicides, Herbicides, Insecticides
      Irrigation Equipment and Supplies
      Lawn Care Service / Snow Removal Service
      Noxious Weed Services
      Nursery Stock Seeds and Bulbs
      Tree Maintenance Service

Road Materials
      Asphalt and Concrete Aggregate (Rock, Sand)
      Asphalt and Bituminous Materials
      Cement and Ready-Mix Concrete
      Ice Melting Chemicals / Salt for Roads

Tracie Gauntt


Click here for Tracie Gauntt commodity listing

IGP PARInter/Intragovernmental Procurements

Clothing and Textiles
            Bags (Cloth, Paper and Twine) 
            Basic and Seasonal Clothing Gloves (non-PPE)
            Bedding and Linens / Draperies / Towels / Wiping Rags
            Emblems, Embroidered 
            Hospital Clothing
            Mattresses and Component Parts 
            Textile Machines / Upholstering Supplies
            Uniforms (Purchase and Rental)

Coolers and Freezers - Walk-in, 
            Ice Machines
            Refrigeration Equipment
            Related Maintenance & Supplies

Food Products
            Groceries and Food Items for Human Consumption (including Dairy Supplies)

Food Services 
            Dietitian Services / Food Services / Inmate Commissary Services

Kitchen and Dining Room Equipment and Supplies (Commercial and Household)
            Butcher Supplies and Equipment
            Chemicals for Warewashing

Laundry Equipment, Supplies and Services 
            Commercial Laundry Service (coin-operated and card)
            Laundry and Dry-Cleaning Services / Soaps/Chemicals for Laundry Use

Personal Care Items and Services
            Barber and Beauty Equipment, Supplies, Services

Services – Facility Related
            Carpet Cleaning Services / Window Washing Services
            Janitorial / Custodial / General Office and Building Cleaning Services 
            Rest Area / Fishing Lake Maintenance 
            Pest / Termite / Bird Control Services
            Refuse/Waste Collection Service 

Bridget Martinez


Click here for Bridget Martinez Commodity Listing

Aerial Photography Services 

Aerial Spraying and Seeding

Agricultural Equipment
            Tractors (Agricultural and Industrial) 
            Sprayers, Industrial and Agricultural 
            Grain Inspection Equipment

Animal Care Equipment, Supplies and Services 
            Cages and Traps
            Aquatic – Fish Food and Live Fish; Aquaculture Chemicals
            Feed and Forages – Grain and all Feed for Animal, Fish and Wildlife Consumption
            Shavings, Wood (Animal Bedding)

Energy/Utility Consultation Services 

Equipment Service Agreements 

Fuel, Motor (Diesel, Gasoline, Fuel Oil, Propane) 

Gas/Fuel Cards

Gases (Bottled, Bulk, Medical Welding)

Natural Gas

Surveying Equipment


Vending Equipment 
            Cash Registers 
            Vending Machines (Food & Beverage Related)

Well Drilling and Plugging Services

David Stueve


Click here for David Stueve Commodity Listing

Architectural and Construction Projects
            Campground Construction / Fencing Materials and Installation / Parking Lot Construction
            Home Modifications and Lifts for the Disabled 

Asbestos Removal

Building Materials and Hardware 
            Carpet, Tile, Floor Coverings and Mats 
            Locksets, Keys / Window Blinds

            Chemicals (Industrial Use and Industrial Grades for Paint)
            Degreasers and Solvents
            Soaps and Detergent Compounds (excluding laundry use)

Earth Moving and Excavation Services

Electrical Services, Equipment and Supplies
            Light Bulbs and Lamps (Building and Highway) 

Elevator Installation and Maintenance 

Facility Repair and Maintenance Services 
            Building Repair and Maintenance 
            Carpentry Services / Electrical Services / Painting Services / Plumbing Services
            Concrete and Masonry Repair
            Welding Services

Glass (Mirrors, Windows, etc.)

HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) Equipment, Supplies and Services
            Boiler Equipment, Supplies and Chemicals / Cooling Towers and Chemicals
            Furnaces / Air Conditioners (window units and self-contained) 

Insurance Products and Services
            Surety Bonds (Committee)

Metals Components, Prefabricated, Industrial 
            Culverts (Concrete and Corrugated Steel) / Guard Rails

Paint and Painting Equipment, Supplies and Services

Plumbing Equipment, Supplies and Services
            Water Heaters / Water Pumps

Signs (Exterior Signage and Interior Building Directory Signs) 

Signs and Signals (Traffic Control)

Standby or backup electrical generators / Uninterruptable Power Systems (UPS) for Buildings 

Waterproofing Services and Supplies

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