Bid Solicitations


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It is the bidder’s responsibility to ensure that you have downloaded all of the documents related to the bid and any Amendment(s) if applicable.

Please keep in mind that all bids must be received prior to the closing date and time indicated in the Bid Event.  Delays in mail delivery or any other means of transmittal, including couriers or agents of the issuing entity shall not excuse late bid submissions.

  • If a vendor is interested in bidding on an event, you must be officially invited.  Notify the event’s contact person at least 24 HOURS BEFORE the official finish date and time to request the official invitation.
  • A vendor must be a registered bidder to become invited.  If a vendor fails to register in a timely fashion your bid may be rejected in its entirety.

Please click HERE to begin the registration process.  This is a one-time, free process.  It is the bidder’s responsibility to provide current contact information to the Office of Procurement and Contracts to ensure your company receives bid event notifications.

Additional files related to bid solicitations (not applicable unless referenced in bid event)

Closing DateBid NumberDescriptionAgency
8/19/2019 EVT0006733 Financial and Perforemance Audit Services Dpt for Children and Families
8/20/2019 EVT0006782 Billboard Advertising Larned State Hospital
8/20/2019 EVT0006776 Replace Two Boiler Burners - El Dorado C. F. El Dorado Correctional Faclty
8/20/2019 EVT0006761 Emergency Management Services Kansas Dept of Agriculture
8/20/2019 EVT0006724 Streambank Stabilization Projects - Tuttle Creek Kansas Dept of Agriculture
8/21/2019 EVT0006775 Paint Stripers, Truck Mounted  
8/21/2019 EVT0006759 Coordination and Facilitation of the KYAC ad RYAC Dpt for Children and Families
8/21/2019 EVT0006809 Wood Fence Posts for Sandsage Bison Range KS Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
8/21/2019 EVT0006730 Janitorial Services - Colby Department of Revenue
8/21/2019 EVT0006778 Natural / Cultural Resource Manager Adjutant General
8/22/2019 EVT0006797 Janitorial Services - Dodge City Department of Revenue
8/22/2019 EVT0006781 Beet Juice De-Icer/Anti-Icer  
8/22/2019 EVT0006787 Fertilizer Row Crop Spreader KS Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
8/22/2019 EVT0006814 Drainage and Site Improvements - Kansas City, KS Adjutant General
8/22/2019 EVT0006777 One Ton Truck KS Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
8/22/2019 EVT0006815 Re-roof Stone Barn Structure - Pleasanton, KS KS Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
8/22/2019 EVT0006774 Mill and Overlay of Parking Lot and Drives - KDOT  
8/22/2019 EVT0006796 Skid Sprayer (300 Gallon) KS Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
8/23/2019 EVT0006812 Mill and Overlay for KDOT in Olathe  
8/27/2019 EVT0006790 No Till Planter KS Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
8/27/2019 EVT0006784 12 Foot No Till Drill KS Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
8/27/2019 EVT0006793 Trash Pump W/ Flowmeter KS Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
8/27/2019 EVT0006830 FFY20 Hiawatha Tax Credit Project Adjutant General
8/27/2019 EVT0006800 Ford F-750 Truck KS Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
8/28/2019 EVT0006801 Bullying Prevention Education Curriculum Dept of Health & Environment
8/28/2019 EVT0006803 Portable Conveyor Belt for Salt Handling  
8/28/2019 EVT0006802 Semi-Tractor / Tandem Axle Trailer  
8/28/2019 EVT0006810 Tire Anomaly Kansas Highway Patrol
8/28/2019 EVT0006808 Cleveland Range Oven Kansas Highway Patrol
8/28/2019 EVT0006772 Outreach Preparedness Coordinator Dept of Health & Environment
8/29/2019 EVT0006792 TEFAP Coordinator / Warehousing Dpt for Children and Families
8/29/2019 EVT0006813 Metal Culverts KS Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
8/29/2019 EVT0006822 Truck Mounted Vacuum Excavator  
8/29/2019 EVT0006825 6 Sack Ready Mix Ellsworth Correctional Faclty
8/29/2019 EVT0006816 Battle Creek Streambank Stabilization KS Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
8/29/2019 EVT0006842 Janitorial Services - KC Metro North Office  
8/29/2019 EVT0006798 Smoke Alarms Fire Marshal
8/30/2019 EVT0006819 Janitorial Services - Salina  
8/30/2019 EVT0006849 Air Actuated Hanging Raceway Fish Feeders KS Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
9/3/2019 EVT0006811 Golf Cart School for the Blind
9/4/2019 EVT0006805 Well Plugging - Neuenschwander Corporation Commission
9/4/2019 EVT0006794 Economic Development Business Recruitment Department of Commerce
9/4/2019 EVT0006806 Janitorial Services - Overland Park Dpt for Children and Families
9/4/2019 EVT0006837 Concrete Low Water Crossings - Fall River W.A. KS Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
9/4/2019 EVT0006821 Janitorial Services - KC Materials Lab  
9/4/2019 EVT0006834 Fence Construction - Smoky Hill ANG Range, Salina Adjutant General
9/4/2019 EVT0006818 Auctions Services Department of Revenue
9/4/2019 EVT0006833 On Call Services - Schools For the Blind and Deaf School for the Blind
9/4/2019 EVT0006831 Pro Guard Gun Locks and Accessories Kansas Highway Patrol
9/5/2019 EVT0006839 Trout Pond Rehabilitation - Lake Scott State Park KS Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
9/5/2019 EVT0006807 Rest Area Maintenance - Paxico  
9/5/2019 EVT0006824 Insurance, Resident Fund Surety Bond  
9/5/2019 EVT0006820 Archery Targets KS Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
9/6/2019 EVT0006828 Facilitation and Management Services Department of Education
9/9/2019 EVT0006804 Solution for Managing Hearing Department of Labor
9/9/2019 EVT0006826 Gas Mask Fit Test Machine Kansas Highway Patrol
9/10/2019 EVT0006859 Pull Type Road Grader KS Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
9/10/2019 EVT0006844 Periodical Subscriptions State Library
9/10/2019 EVT0006823 Well Plugging - District 4 - Hays Corporation Commission
9/10/2019 EVT0006711 EMS Pre-Hospital Data Collection System & ServicesEmergency Medical Services
9/10/2019 EVT0006799 Rehabilitation Services Com On Veterans Affairs Office
9/10/2019 EVT0006860 Positive Air Meter Planter KS Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
9/10/2019 EVT0006832 Service Contract for Biotage Extraction Equipment Kansas Bureau of Investigation
9/11/2019 EVT0006827 Well Plugging - District 1 - Dodge City Corporation Commission
9/11/2019 EVT0006840 Tree Saw KS Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
9/11/2019 EVT0006841 Concrete Structure for Building - Hutchinson  
9/11/2019 EVT0006838 Auditing Services Kansas Dept of Agriculture
9/12/2019 EVT0006836 Vibratory Roller Attachment KS Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
9/12/2019 EVT0006853 Tourniquet Case Kansas Highway Patrol
9/12/2019 EVT0006829 Truck Dump Body Ks Juvenile Correctional Cmplx
9/12/2019 EVT0006852 Security Envelopes Department of Administration
9/12/2019 EVT0006835 HP CAC MIX  
9/13/2019 EVT0006848 Rest Area Maintenance - Ruleton  
9/17/2019 EVT0006791 Project Planning  
9/17/2019 EVT0006854 Service Plan, Agilent HSGC with FID/MS Kansas Bureau of Investigation
9/17/2019 EVT0006843 Bankruptcy Litigation Attorneys / Law firms Dept of Health & Environment
9/17/2019 EVT0006845 FIre Skid KS Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
9/17/2019 EVT0006855 Promotional Toothbrushes Dept of Health & Environment
9/18/2019 EVT0006846 Deck-Over Trailer KS Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
9/19/2019 EVT0006773 UTV Fire Rig KS Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
9/20/2019 EVT0006720 Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) Software 
9/24/2019 EVT0006857 Portable Variable Message Boards  
9/24/2019 EVT0006847 UTV Fire Skid KS Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
9/24/2019 EVT0006861 Trailer-mounted hot water pressure washer systems KS Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
10/8/2019 EVT0006858 KanCare Eligibility Clearinghouse Dept of Health & Environment