Bid Solicitations


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It is the bidder’s responsibility to ensure that you have downloaded all of the documents related to the bid and any Amendment(s) if applicable.

Please keep in mind that all bids must be received prior to the closing date and time indicated in the Bid Event.  Delays in mail delivery or any other means of transmittal, including couriers or agents of the issuing entity shall not excuse late bid submissions.

  • If a vendor is interested in bidding on an event, you must be officially invited.  Notify the event’s contact person at least 24 HOURS BEFORE the official finish date and time to request the official invitation.
  • A vendor must be a registered bidder to become invited.  If a vendor fails to register in a timely fashion your bid may be rejected in its entirety.

Please click here to begin the registration process.  This is a one-time, free process.  It is the bidder’s responsibility to provide current contact information to the Office of Procurement and Contracts to ensure your company receives bid event notifications.

Additional files related to bid solicitations (not applicable unless referenced in bid event)

Closing DateBid NumberDescriptionAgency
5/24/2018 EVT0005856 Courtesy Dock - Goodman State Fishing Lake KS Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
5/24/2018 EVT0005861 Truck Scissor Dock - Topeka, Kansas Department of Administration
5/24/2018 EVT0005825 Well Plugging - District 1  
5/25/2018 EVT0005822 Biohzardous Waste Recovery and Takeaway Services  
5/25/2018 EVT0005853 Truck With Bale Bed KS Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
5/25/2018 EVT0005849 Audio Taping for Commission Meetings KS Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
5/25/2018 EVT0005824 Thermal Stress Restrained Specimen Tester Department of Transportation
5/25/2018 EVT0005828 Truck Utility Bodies And/Or Accessories Department of Transportation
5/30/2018 EVT0005811 Fulfillment Services, Magazine KS Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
5/30/2018 EVT0005836 US&R Disaster Medical Team Specialist Course Fire Marshal
5/30/2018 EVT0005881 Triploid Grass Carp KS Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
5/30/2018 EVT0005816 Experiential Trips, Gift Cards & Other MerchandiseKansas Lottery
5/30/2018 EVT0005834 Jetty Improvements - Cheney State Park KS Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
5/30/2018 EVT0005867 Concrete Low-Water Crossing - Kaw Wildlife Area KS Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
5/30/2018 EVT0005851 Services, WIC Investigative Dept of Health & Environment
5/30/2018 EVT0005865 Shotguns KS Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
5/31/2018 EVT0005863 Crane and Hoist Inspections Adjutant General
5/31/2018 EVT0005817 Ticket Display Dispensers and Associated Products Kansas Lottery
5/31/2018 EVT0005799 Male Youth Residential Facility Department of Corrections
5/31/2018 EVT0005820 Mentoring Coordinator Department of Corrections
5/31/2018 EVT0005843 Lab Services for Osawatomie State Hospital Osawatomie State Hospital
5/31/2018 EVT0005882 5 Air Compressors Department of Transportation
5/31/2018 EVT0005837 Vision Machines for Driver License Stations Department of Revenue
5/31/2018 EVT0005842 Lab Services at Larned State Hospital Larned State Hospital
5/31/2018 EVT0005832 Diesel Pump Conversion to Electric Pump System KS Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
6/1/2018 EVT0005801 Playground Equipment KS Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
6/1/2018 EVT0005880 Grader Blade, Pull Type KS Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
6/1/2018 EVT0005887 Tank Systems KS Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
6/1/2018 EVT0005879 Transport and Install Cabins KS Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
6/1/2018 EVT0005877 Concrete Foundation for Cabin - Clark County KS Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
6/1/2018 EVT0005803 Insurance, Workers' Compensation  
6/1/2018 EVT0005878 Concrete Foundation for Cabin - Cowley County KS Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
6/1/2018 EVT0005868 Crack Sealant For Pavement  
6/4/2018 EVT0005870 Vehicle Maintenance, Topeka  
6/4/2018 EVT0005884 Sport Utility Vehicles Department of Revenue
6/4/2018 EVT0005869 Salt for Ice & Snow Removal  
6/4/2018 EVT0005841 Client Enrollment and Payment Processing Services Dept of Health & Environment
6/5/2018 EVT0005873 Automatic License Plate Reader Systems  
6/5/2018 EVT0005862 PREA Audits for KS Juvenile Correctional Complex Department of Corrections
6/5/2018 EVT0005846 Website Development (KDHE) Dept of Health & Environment
6/6/2018 EVT0005883 Sidewalks and Paving - Cheney Wildlife Area KS Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
6/6/2018 EVT0005898 Aggregate, AS-1, Smith County Department of Transportation
6/7/2018 EVT0005871 Administrative Services Department of Commerce
6/7/2018 EVT0005860 Firefighter physicals Adjutant General
6/8/2018 EVT0005890 Ready Mix Concrete, Clark Lake KS Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
6/8/2018 EVT0005891 Aerial Spraying & Seeding KS Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
6/11/2018 EVT0005899 Trucks With Utility Body Kansas Highway Patrol
6/12/2018 EVT0005894 Chain Link Fencing - KDOT - Bourbon County  
6/12/2018 EVT0005892 Barbed Wire Fence Replacement - Schulte, Kansas  
6/13/2018 EVT0005859 Training and Consultation, Anti-Human Trafficking Attorney General
6/13/2018 EVT0005897 Replacement Parts for Fabric Covered Shelters  
6/14/2018 EVT0005872 Banking Services for Wichita State University  
6/14/2018 EVT0005844 Crisis Response Ks Dept for Aging & Disab Svs
6/14/2018 EVT0005885 Electronic Business Database Access Department of Commerce
6/14/2018 EVT0005875 Ombudsman Reporting System Software  
6/14/2018 EVT0005876 Preventative Maintenance Services for Autoclaves Dept of Health & Environment
6/20/2018 EVT0005888 Single Rack Rotating Oven Ks Juvenile Correctional Cmplx
6/20/2018 EVT0005889 Inter-Mobile Type Storage Containers Kansas Highway Patrol
6/21/2018 EVT0005893 Motor Vehicle Certificates of Title Department of Revenue