Printing Terms and Templates

Below are some of the common printing terms used to complete orders.  Click on any of the terms to see the definitions and an example of what the template would look like as a finished product.

Printing Terminology

  • Binding (Case Binding):
  • Binding (Perfect Binding):
  • Binding (G.B.C.):
  • Binding (Plasticoil):
  • Binding (Saddle Stitch):
  • Bleed:
  • Camera Ready Copy:
  • Fan Apart Form:
  • Line Art:
  • Matchbook Form:
  • P.M.S. Color (Spot Color):
  • Process Color:
  • Proof (Page Proof):
  • Proof (Press Proof):
  • Revisers Data Base:
  • Screen:
  • Separation:
  • Snap Out Form: