Executive Orders

Below is a listing of Executive Orders that are related to Human Resources.

If you are interested in viewing all Executive Orders you can go to the Governor's website.  To view Executive Orders from previous Governors you can locate them in the Library Archives.

Order Number

  Prohibiting Discrimination in State Employment Services and Contracts
18-20   Day of Mourning for President George H. W. Bush
18-19   Paid Parental Leave for State of Kansas Employees 
18-12   Criminal History and State Employment Practices
18-04    Policy Regarding Sexual Harassment
11-04 Non-Regents HR Directors reporting to Dept of Administration.
11-02 Citizens Regulatory Review Board
11-01 Office of the Repealer
Executive Reorganization Order No 40 ( 2-7-11)
Executive Reorganization Order No 39 (2-7-11)
Executive Reorganization Order No 38 (2-4-11)
Executive Reorganization Order No 37 (2-4-11)
Executive Reorganization Order No 36 (2-3-11)
Executive Reorganization Order No 35 (2-3-11)
10-14 Rescinding Certain Executive Orders
10-10 Kansans with Disabilities State Employment
10-07 Continue moratorium on employee bonuses for FY2011
10-06 Kansas Health Information Exchange, Inc.
10-01 KNI and Parsons
09-08 H1N1 Leave Advancement Policy
09-04 Continue moratorium on employee bonuses for FY2010
08-12 Establish the Kansas Partnership for Accessible Technology
08-10 Authorizes Executive Branch employees work time to mentor within limitations set forth
08-09 Continues the moratorium on employee bonuses for FY 2009
07-25 Moratorium on Employee Bonuses
07-08 Disaster Leave
06-14 National Day of Mourning for President Gerald Ford
06-07 Moratorium on Employee Bonuses for the Executive Branch agencies
05-04 Moratorium on Employee Bonuses
04-13 Adopt and extend application of Regulations to unclassified employees
04-12 Dwight D. Eisenhower Building
04-07 National Day of Mourning for President Reagan on June 11, 2004
04-06 Granting sick and vacation leave to certain positions in unclassified service
04-04 Moratorium Placed on Employee Bonuses for FY 2005
04-03 Tax Clearance
03-13 Sexual Harassment
03-12 Moratorium on Employee Bonuses
03-07 Establishing Employee Preference Program
03-03 Personal Long Distance Calls
03-02 Printed Communications Directory
01-02 Donor Leave Program
Modifying the Adoption and Extension of the Application of Certain Rules and Regulations of the Secretary of Administration to Certain Positions in the Unclassified Services under the Kansas Civil Service Act