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Capital Improvement Project Advertisements

Projects requiring Architectural, Engineering, Construction Management At-Risk, and Design Build services are advertised in the Kansas Register.  The list below is not the official notification of upcoming projects.  For the complete and accurate official notification, please reference the weekly edition of the Kansas Register noted after the title of the project listed.

     KDOT Winfield Subarea Addition / Renovation - August 16, 2018
     KCVA On-call Architectural Services - August 16, 2018
     ESU On-call Architectural Services - August 9, 2018
     FHSU On-call Architectural - July 12, 2018
     PSU On-call Architectural Services - June 14, 2018
     KSARNG Salina Campus Conservation Project - May 3, 2018
     WSU On-call Architectural Services - April 12, 2018

Unless otherwise noted in the
Kansas Register advertisement, the following requirements are common to all submittals. To be considered, one (1) PDF file of the following should be provided:  State of Kansas Professional Qualifications DCC Forms 051-054, inclusive, and information regarding similar projects.  These forms may be found at  State of Kansas Professional Qualifications DCC Form 050 for each firm and consultant should be provided at the end of each proposal.  Please include your firm name, agency abbreviation and an abbreviated project name in the title of the PDF document.  Proposals should be less than 5 MB and follow the current State Building Advisory Commission guidelines which can be found in Part B – Chapter 2 of the Building Design and Construction Manual at  Proposals should be sent on a flash drive along with a transmittal to Randy Riveland, Office of Facilities and Property Management, Suite 1200, 700 SW Harrison Street, Topeka, Kansas 66612.  Proposals sent via e-mail will no longer be accepted and paper copies of the proposals are no longer required.  It is the proposer’s responsibility to ensure proposals are received by the closing date and time.  Delays in mail delivery or any other means of transmittal, including couriers or agents of the issuing entity shall not excuse late proposal submissions.  Proposals received after the date and time noted below will not be forwarded to the State Building Advisory Commission for review.  

To view the Architectural / Engineering programs for recently advertised projects, click here.

SBAC meeting dates are scheduled for the second Wednesday of each month. For a list of the monthly meeting dates, click here.

SBAC Nominations and Selections

Only nominated firms are listed below. Selected firms are in bold.