Municipal Budgets - FY 2016 - Recreation Commissions

This page contains the FY 2016 budgets for Kansas recreation commissions.  Click "download" to open a specific budget file.
FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
Abilene Recreation CommissionPDF1.72 MB03 Dec, 2015 Download
Altamont Recreation CommissionXLS233.00 KB20 Aug, 2015 Download
Anthony Recreation CommissionPDF1.33 MB08 Dec, 2015 Download
Argonia Recreation CommissionPDF281.07 KB07 Jan, 2016 Download
Arkansas City Recreation CommissionPDF639.37 KB02 Dec, 2015 Download
Ashland Recreation CommissionPDF1.20 MB19 Nov, 2015 Download
Atchison Public Recreation CommissionPDF3.18 MB19 Jan, 2016 Download
Attica Recreation CommissionPDF1.18 MB08 Dec, 2015 Download
Atwood Summer Recreation CommissionPDF492.23 KB08 Oct, 2015 Download
Baldwin City Recreation CommissionPDF534.01 KB26 Jan, 2016 Download
Baxter Springs Recreation CommissionPDF368.03 KB14 Dec, 2015 Download
Bennington Recreation CommissionPDF148.62 KB28 Oct, 2015 Download
Blue Valley Recreation CommissionPDF1.20 MB28 Jan, 2016 Download
Brewster Recreation CommissionXLS389.50 KB19 Nov, 2015 Download
Bucklin Recreation CommissionPDF417.88 KB01 Dec, 2015 Download
Buhler Recreation CommissionPDF161.54 KB13 Jan, 2016 Download
Burrton Joint Recreation CommissionPDF391.83 KB23 Nov, 2015 Download
Bushton Recreation CommissionPDF241.54 KB15 Dec, 2015 Download
Caldwell Recreation CommissionPDF92.73 KB07 Jan, 2016 Download
Caney Valley Recreation CommissionXLS1.37 MB09 Dec, 2015 Download
Carbondale Recreation CommissionPDF395.26 KB11 Dec, 2015 Download
Cedar Vale Recreation CommissionPDF903.28 KB22 Sep, 2015 Download
Chapman Recreation CommissionXLS426.50 KB03 Dec, 2015 Download
Chase County Recreation CommissionPDF87.01 KB28 Jan, 2016 Download
Cheney Recreation Commission, Sedgwick CountyPDF391.21 KB20 Nov, 2015 Download
Cherryvale Recreation CommissionXLS1.08 MB09 Dec, 2015 Download
Chisholm Trail Recreation Commission, Sedgwick CountyPDF183.72 KB20 Nov, 2015 Download
Claflin Recreation CommissionPDF136.04 KB14 Dec, 2015 Download
Clay Center Recreation CommissionXLS1.36 MB14 Jan, 2016 Download
Coffeyville Recreation CommissionXLS1.90 MB09 Dec, 2015 Download
Colby Recreation CommissionXLS783.50 KB19 Nov, 2015 Download
Columbus Recreation CommissionPDF2.49 MB14 Dec, 2015 Download
Comanche County Recreation CommissionPDF210.50 KB04 Dec, 2015 Download
Conway Springs Recreation CommissionPDF636.40 KB07 Jan, 2016 Download
Copeland Recreation CommissionPDF140.32 KB13 Nov, 2015 Download
Deerfield Recreation CommissionPDF1.35 MB19 Nov, 2015 Download
Derby Recreation Commission, Sedgwick CountyPDF559.91 KB20 Nov, 2015 Download
Douglass Recreation CommissionPDF387.36 KB25 Nov, 2015 Download
Elkhart Recreation CommissionXLS125.00 KB02 Feb, 2016 Download
Ellinwood Recreation CommissionPDF223.93 KB14 Dec, 2015 Download
Ellis Recreation CommissionPDF833.39 KB30 Dec, 2015 Download
Elwood Joint Recreation CommissionPDF1.44 MB23 Nov, 2015 Download
Emporia Recreation CommissionPDF1.40 MB08 Feb, 2016 Download
Enterprise Recreation CommissionPDF1.49 MB03 Dec, 2015 Download
Erie Recreation CommissionPDF72.00 KB03 Feb, 2016 Download
Fredonia Recreation CommissionTIF6.32 MB13 Nov, 2015 Download
Frontenac Recreation CommissionPDF168.74 KB25 Nov, 2015 Download
Garden City Recreation CommissionPDF368.96 KB12 Aug, 2015 Download
Geneseo Recreation CommissionPDF919.13 KB15 Dec, 2015 Download
Girard Recreation CommissionPDF399.24 KB25 Nov, 2015 Download
Graham County Recreation CommissionPDF1.81 MB20 Nov, 2015 Download
Grant County Recreation CommissionPDF2.34 MB19 Nov, 2015 Download
Great Bend Recreation CommissionPDF185.27 KB14 Dec, 2015 Download
Halstead Recreation CommissionPDF1.11 MB25 Aug, 2015 Download
Hamilton Recreation CommissionPDF121.68 KB25 Sep, 2015 Download
Harper Recreation CommissionPDF1.21 MB08 Dec, 2015 Download
Hays Recreation CommissionPDF542.38 KB30 Dec, 2015 Download
Herington Recreation CommissionPDF1.15 MB03 Dec, 2015 Download
Hesston Recreation CommissionPDF701.60 KB23 Nov, 2015 Download
Hillsboro Recreation CommissionPDF66.76 KB02 Dec, 2015 Download
Hillsboro Recreation Commission (Amended)PDF147.93 KB10 Jan, 2017 Download
Hodgeman County Recreation CommissionPDF113.67 KB22 Sep, 2015 Download
Hoisington Recreation CommissionPDF164.21 KB14 Dec, 2015 Download
Holyrood Recreation CommissionXLS239.50 KB04 Jan, 2016 Download
Humboldt Recreation CommissionXLS6.64 MB30 Oct, 2015 Download
Hutchinson Recreation CommissionPDF648.89 KB13 Jan, 2016 Download
Independence Recreation CommissionXLS1.11 MB09 Dec, 2015 Download
Ingalls Recreation CommissionPDF361.87 KB13 Nov, 2015 Download
Inman Recreation CommissionPDF265.58 KB23 Nov, 2015 Download
Kinsley-Offerle Recreation CommissionPDF264.22 KB23 Nov, 2015 Download
Lakin Recreation CommissionPDF1.19 MB19 Nov, 2015 Download
Larned Recreation CommissionPDF203.27 KB21 Dec, 2015 Download
Lyon County Recreation Commission No. 1XLS241.50 KB08 Feb, 2016 Download
Lyons Recreation CommissionPDF2.30 MB16 Dec, 2015 Download
Madison Recreation CommissionPDF1.26 MB25 Sep, 2015 Download
Maize Recreation Commission, Sedgwick CountyPDF314.64 KB20 Nov, 2015 Download
McLouth Recreation CommissionPDF141.93 KB20 Nov, 2015 Download
McPherson Recreation CommissionPDF437.20 KB23 Nov, 2015 Download
Minneapolis Recreation CommissionPDF236.39 KB28 Oct, 2015 Download
Minneola Recreation CommissionPDF1.14 MB19 Nov, 2015 Download
Montezuma Recreation CommissionPDF200.89 KB13 Nov, 2015 Download
Mulvane Recreation Commission, Sedgwick CountyPDF329.67 KB20 Nov, 2015 Download
Neodesha Recreation CommissionTIF4.93 MB13 Nov, 2015 Download
Newton Recreation CommissionPDF436.43 KB23 Nov, 2015 Download
Nickerson Recreation CommissionPDF126.28 KB13 Jan, 2016 Download
North Barber County Recreation CommissionPDF1.07 MB08 Dec, 2015 Download
Oakley Recreation CommissionXLS1.16 MB10 Dec, 2015 Download
Oskaloosa Recreation CommissionPDF165.28 KB20 Nov, 2015 Download
Oswego Recreation CommissionPDF271.43 KB16 Dec, 2015 Download
Ottawa Recreation CommissionPDF123.84 KB11 Dec, 2015 Download
Palco-Damar-Zurich Recreation CommissionPDF166.88 KB23 Nov, 2015 Download
Parsons Recreation CommissionPDF470.22 KB16 Dec, 2015 Download
Peabody-Burns Recreation CommissionPDF95.48 KB02 Dec, 2015 Download
Plainville Recreation CommissionPDF244.86 KB02 Dec, 2015 Download
Richmond Recreation CommissionPDF128.96 KB11 Dec, 2015 Download
Rolla Recreation CommissionPDF295.71 KB29 Jan, 2016 Download
Rose Hill Recreation CommissionPDF334.78 KB12 Aug, 2015 Download
Russell Recreation CommissionPDF261.33 KB04 Dec, 2015 Download
Satanta Recreation CommissionPDF1.20 MB02 Dec, 2015 Download
Scott Recreation CommissionPDF264.66 KB20 Aug, 2015 Download
Sedan Recreation CommissionPDF869.11 KB22 Sep, 2015 Download
Sedgwick Recreation CommissionPDF1.31 MB23 Nov, 2015 Download
Smith Center Recreation CommissionPDF207.70 KB22 Dec, 2015 Download
Solomon Recreation CommissionPDF1.43 MB03 Dec, 2015 Download
South Barber Recreation CommissionPDF1.35 MB08 Dec, 2015 Download
Spearville Recreation CommissionPDF421.12 KB01 Dec, 2015 Download
Spring Hill Recreation CommissionPDF506.85 KB28 Jan, 2016 Download
St. Francis Recreation CommissionPDF489.33 KB01 Feb, 2016 Download
Stafford Recreation CommissionPDF248.83 KB25 Nov, 2015 Download
Stanton County Recreation CommissionPDF329.01 KB20 Nov, 2015 Download
Sterling Recreation CommissionPDF2.55 MB16 Dec, 2015 Download
Stockton Recreation CommissionPDF169.83 KB23 Nov, 2015 Download
Sublette Recreation CommissionPDF1.42 MB02 Dec, 2015 Download
Sylvia Recreation CommissionPDF541.01 KB13 Jan, 2016 Download
Tonganoxie Recreation CommissionPDF266.61 KB13 Nov, 2015 Download
Trego Recreation CommissionPDF7.22 MB07 Jan, 2016 Download
Troy Recreation CommissionPDF1.35 MB23 Nov, 2015 Download
USD 106 Recreation CommissionPDF110.79 KB05 Jan, 2016 Download
USD 244 Recreation CommissionPDF281.51 KB05 Jan, 2016 Download
USD 303 Recreation CommissionPDF424.30 KB05 Jan, 2016 Download
USD 350 Recreation CommissionPDF503.42 KB25 Nov, 2015 Download
USD 351 Recreation CommissionPDF151.59 KB25 Nov, 2015 Download
USD 462 Recreation CommissionPDF186.03 KB02 Dec, 2015 Download
USD 471 Recreation CommissionPDF642.02 KB02 Dec, 2015 Download
USD 483 Recreation CommissionPDF1.89 MB07 Jan, 2016 Download
USD No. 444 Recreation CommissionPDF1.34 MB16 Dec, 2015 Download
Valley Center Recreation Commission, Sedgwick CountyPDF346.80 KB20 Nov, 2015 Download
Valley Falls Recreation CommissionPDF222.09 KB20 Nov, 2015 Download
Victoria Recreation CommissionPDF761.21 KB30 Dec, 2015 Download
Wathena Joint Recreation CommissionPDF2.28 MB23 Nov, 2015 Download
Wellington Recreation CommissionPDF152.80 KB07 Jan, 2016 Download
Wellsville Joint Recreation CommissionPDF161.96 KB11 Dec, 2015 Download
West Franklin Recreation CommissionPDF130.49 KB11 Dec, 2015 Download
West Smith County Recreation CommissionPDF1.52 MB22 Dec, 2015 Download
Winfield Recreation CommissionPDF140.45 KB02 Dec, 2015 Download
Winona Recreation CommissionPDF150.49 KB10 Dec, 2015 Download