Municipal Audits - FY 2019 - Hospital - Medical

This page contains the FY 2019 audit reports of Kansas municipal hospitals and medical entities.  Click "download" to open a specific .pdf file. 
FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
Allen County HospitalPDF141.64 KB12 Jun, 2020 Download
Anderson County HospitalPDF322.59 KB29 Apr, 2020 Download
Ashland Hospital District No 3PDF249.13 KB11 Sep, 2020 Download
Attica Hospital District No 1 of Harper CountyPDF832.31 KB29 Apr, 2020 Download
Board of Trustees Ottawa County Health CenterPDF443.57 KB17 Dec, 2019 Download
Bucklin Hospital District dba Hill Top HousePDF987.71 KB06 Apr, 2020 Download
Central Kansas Mental Health CenterPDF303.36 KB30 Jun, 2020 Download
Cheyenne County Hospital Board of Trustees' FundPDF77.55 KB16 Sep, 2020 Download
City-Cowley County Health DepartmentPDF2.62 MB14 Dec, 2020 Download
Clay County Medical CenterPDF4.13 MB07 Jul, 2020 Download
Coffey Health SystemPDF168.62 KB12 Aug, 2020 Download
Community Mental Health Center of Crawford CountyPDF2.49 MB23 Oct, 2020 Download
Dickinson County Memorial Hospital District No 1PDF446.35 KB10 Jun, 2020 Download
Edwards County Hospital DBA Edwards County Medical CenterPDF256.42 KB26 Oct, 2020 Download
Ellsworth County Medical CenterPDF498.75 KB21 Nov, 2019 Download
Fowler Hospital DistrictPDF926.51 KB12 Jan, 2021 Download
Fredonia Regional HospitalPDF142.12 KB28 May, 2020 Download
Geary Community HospitalPDF436.14 KB29 Jan, 2020 Download
Goodland Regional Medical CenterPDF315.70 KB23 Oct, 2020 Download
Gove County Medical CenterPDF219.19 KB23 Jun, 2020 Download
Graham County HospitalPDF189.29 KB03 Nov, 2020 Download
Greeley County HospitalPDF390.09 KB24 Apr, 2020 Download
Greenwood County HospitalPDF170.42 KB31 Aug, 2020 Download
Grisell Memorial Hospital District No 1PDF150.87 KB09 Sep, 2020 Download
Hospital District No 1 of Crawford CountyPDF308.24 KB01 May, 2020 Download
Hospital District No 6 of Harper County, DBA Patterson Health CenterPDF238.30 KB03 Jun, 2020 Download
Hospital District No. 1 of Rice CountyPDF302.71 KB30 Oct, 2019 Download
Jewell County HospitalPDF278.66 KB06 Oct, 2020 Download
Kearny County HospitalPDF499.91 KB14 Jan, 2020 Download
Kiowa County Memorial HospitalPDF167.82 KB16 Jul, 2020 Download
Kiowa District HospitalPDF169.37 KB12 Aug, 2020 Download
Labette County Medical CenterPDF394.02 KB07 Jul, 2020 Download
Lane County HospitalPDF136.90 KB06 Apr, 2020 Download
Lawrence Memorial HospitalPDF185.52 KB07 Jul, 2020 Download
Lincoln County HospitalPDF13.54 MB11 Sep, 2019 Download
Marion County Hospital District No 1PDF261.33 KB11 Feb, 2020 Download
Medicine Lodge Memorial HospitalPDF148.93 KB30 Oct, 2020 Download
Minneola Hospital District No 2PDF164.31 KB28 May, 2020 Download
Morris County HospitalPDF209.25 KB11 Sep, 2020 Download
Neosho Memorial Regional Medical CenterPDF326.08 KB10 Jun, 2020 Download
Ness County Hospital District No 2PDF162.48 KB14 Jan, 2021 Download
Newman Memorial County HospitalPDF429.34 KB10 Jun, 2020 Download
Norton County HospitalPDF669.91 KB25 Oct, 2019 Download
Osborne County Memorial HospitalPDF743.81 KB04 Aug, 2020 Download
Phillips County Health SystemsPDF193.04 KB03 Dec, 2019 Download
Rawlins County Health CenterPDF501.31 KB25 Nov, 2019 Download
Republic County Hospital, Board of TrusteesPDF463.24 KB12 Mar, 2020 Download
Rice County Hospital District No. 2 DBA Sandstone Heights Nursing HomePDF675.54 KB06 Oct, 2020 Download
Rooks County Health Center (Incl. Single Audit)PDF142.00 KB12 Jun, 2020 Download
Russell Regional Hospital BoardPDF377.61 KB22 Jan, 2020 Download
Satanta Hospital DistrictPDF91.42 KB22 Oct, 2020 Download
Scott County HospitalPDF1.85 MB05 Feb, 2020 Download
Scott County Rest Home DBA Park Lane Nursing HomePDF12.00 MB27 Jul, 2020 Download
Sedan City HospitalPDF265.86 KB02 Sep, 2020 Download
Sheridan County Health Complex (Incl. Single Audit)PDF224.85 KB24 Jun, 2020 Download
Smith County Memorial Hospital, Board of TrusteesPDF223.63 KB27 Aug, 2019 Download
South Central Kansas Medical CenterPDF659.43 KB12 May, 2021 Download
Southeast Kansas Multi-County Health DepartmentPDF461.90 KB07 Jul, 2020 Download
Southwest Medical CenterPDF409.07 KB29 Apr, 2020 Download
Spearville Hospital DistrictPDF197.03 KB10 Jun, 2020 Download
Sumner County Hospital District No 1PDF2.77 MB22 Sep, 2020 Download
Trego County - Lemke Memorial HospitalPDF867.30 KB16 Sep, 2020 Download
Valeo Behavioral Health, Inc.PDF410.03 KB20 Aug, 2020 Download
Washington County HospitalPDF5.76 MB10 Jul, 2020 Download
Washington County Hospital District No 1 DBA Hanover HosbitalPDF333.10 KB06 Oct, 2020 Download
Wichita County Health CenterPDF148.61 KB30 Jun, 2020 Download
William Newton Memorial HospitalPDF410.81 KB16 Sep, 2020 Download