Municipal Audits - FY 2017 - Miscellaneous

This page contains the FY 2017 audit reports of Kansas municipalities not otherwise included with the other audit libraries.  Click "download" to open a specific .pdf file. 
FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
Big Bend Groundwater Management District No. 5PDF520.07 KB19 Feb, 2018 Download
Burrton Consolidated Fire District No. 5PDF143.95 KB20 Aug, 2018 Download
Butler County Fire District No. 10PDF138.51 KB20 Aug, 2018 Download
Butler County Fire District No. 3PDF414.14 KB01 Mar, 2018 Download
Central Kansas Extension District No. 3PDF3.51 MB29 May, 2018 Download
Chautauqua Hills Public Wholesale Water Supply District No. 20PDF802.26 KB31 Aug, 2018 Download
Cherokee County Extension Council (Agreed Upon Procedures)PDF1.35 MB13 Nov, 2018 Download
Chisholm Creek Utility AuthorityPDF2.08 MB19 May, 2018 Download
Coffey County Airport AuthorityPDF409.45 KB11 May, 2018 Download
Coffey County Housing AuthorityPDF424.77 KB28 Jul, 2018 Download
Coffey County TransportationPDF391.97 KB13 Aug, 2018 Download
Cottonwood Extension District (Agreed Upon Procedures)PDF241.09 KB27 Sep, 2018 Download
Ellis County Kansas Public Building CommissionPDF160.49 KB04 Aug, 2018 Download
Equus Beds Groundwater Management DistrictPDF132.44 KB08 Mar, 2018 Download
Extension Council of Shawnee CountyPDF5.64 MB22 Sep, 2018 Download
Fairfax Drainage DistrictPDF520.51 KB02 Jun, 2018 Download
Fire District No. 2 Johnson CountyPDF5.92 MB28 Jul, 2018 Download
Fredonia Housing Authority (incl Single Audit)PDF1.50 MB01 Oct, 2018 Download
Frontier Extension District No. 11PDF245.37 KB14 Dec, 2018 Download
Golden Prairie Extension District No. 12PDF1.64 MB13 Nov, 2018 Download
Grant County Cemetery DistrictPDF1.01 MB25 Aug, 2018 Download
Great Plains Development Authority (incl Single Audit)PDF916.48 KB25 Oct, 2018 Download
Housing Authority of the City of IndependencePDF188.00 KB07 Jan, 2019 Download
Johnson County Extension CouncilPDF1.09 MB05 Dec, 2018 Download
Kansas City Board of Public UtilitiesPDF1.60 MB26 Jun, 2018 Download
Kansas Eastern Regional Insurance TrustPDF545.61 KB19 May, 2018 Download
Kansas State Research and Extension Council - Harvey CountyPDF140.87 KB28 Nov, 2018 Download
Kansas State Research and Extension Council - Sedgwick CountyPDF152.73 KB21 Nov, 2018 Download
Kansas Workers Risk Cooperative for CountiesPDF7.71 MB01 May, 2018 Download
Kaw Valley Drainage DistrictPDF786.03 KB11 Dec, 2018 Download
Kirwin Irrigation District No. 1PDF82.22 KB09 Jan, 2019 Download
Leavenworth Waterworks BoardPDF12.78 MB30 Oct, 2018 Download
Marais Des Cygnes Extension District No. 16PDF538.75 KB03 Jan, 2019 Download
McPherson Airport AuthorityPDF699.66 KB10 Oct, 2018 Download
McPherson Area Solid Waste UtilityPDF1.56 MB22 Sep, 2018 Download
McPherson Board of Public UtilitiesPDF1.08 MB08 Jul, 2018 Download
McPherson County Extension CouncilPDF978.34 KB29 Sep, 2018 Download
Metropolitan Topeka Airport AuthorityPDF1.04 MB02 Jun, 2018 Download
Midway Extension District No. 15PDF239.84 KB22 Feb, 2019 Download
Midwest Public Risk of KansasPDF2.24 MB29 Nov, 2017 Download
North Central Regional Planning Commission (incl Single Audit)PDF583.41 KB08 Dec, 2017 Download
Northwest Kansas Groundwater Management DistrictPDF269.36 KB08 Mar, 2018 Download
Northwest Kansas Planning and Development CommissionPDF187.34 KB22 Sep, 2018 Download
Oaklawn Improvement DistrictPDF1.02 MB08 Feb, 2018 Download
Pawnee County Kansas Public Building CommissionPDF96.48 KB22 Oct, 2018 Download
Pawnee Watershed Joint District No. 81PDF469.14 KB04 Apr, 2018 Download
Post Rock Extension District No. 1PDF4.33 MB18 Oct, 2018 Download
Public Wholesale Water Supply District No. 23 (incl Single Audit)PDF279.85 KB08 Sep, 2018 Download
Public Wholesale Water Supply District No. 26PDF582.76 KB19 Dec, 2018 Download
Public Wholesale Water Supply District No. 4PDF808.28 KB29 Nov, 2017 Download
Public Wholesale Water Supply District No. 5PDF379.59 KB05 Dec, 2017 Download
Public Wholesale Water Supply District No. 8PDF367.36 KB02 Apr, 2018 Download
Reno County Extension CouncilPDF24.11 KB30 Apr, 2019 Download
Reno Public Building CommissionPDF1.18 MB20 Jun, 2018 Download
Riley County Extension CouncilPDF943.36 KB08 Sep, 2018 Download
Riley County Police DepartmentPDF1.49 MB20 Aug, 2018 Download
River Valley Extension District No. 4PDF950.58 KB08 Sep, 2018 Download
Scott County Public Building CommissionPDF1.53 MB26 Apr, 2018 Download
Shawnee County Fire District No. 1 (Agreed Upon Procedures)PDF1.29 MB19 Dec, 2018 Download
Shawnee County Fire District No. 2PDF1.06 MB08 Feb, 2018 Download
Shawnee Heights Fire DistrictPDF116.27 KB26 Jan, 2018 Download
Southwest Kansas Groundwater Management DistrictPDF2.44 MB17 Mar, 2018 Download
Southwind Extension District No. 10PDF434.46 KB03 Jan, 2019 Download
Strother Field Airport - Industrial ParkPDF859.89 KB04 Aug, 2018 Download
Sunflower Extension District No. 6PDF404.82 KB21 Dec, 2018 Download
Topeka Metropolitan Transit Authority (incl Single Audit)PDF718.45 KB03 Jan, 2018 Download
Twin Creeks Extension District No. 9 (Agreed Upon Procedures)PDF383.88 KB07 Dec, 2018 Download
Webster Irrigation District No. 4PDF87.22 KB09 Jan, 2019 Download
Western Kansas Groundwater Management DistrictPDF3.03 MB23 Mar, 2018 Download
Wet Walnut Creek Watershed District No. 58PDF298.84 KB04 Aug, 2018 Download
Wildcat Extension District No. 14PDF706.43 KB30 Nov, 2018 Download