All FY21 Agency Applications are for funding for the period from July 1, 2020 to December 30, 2020

Project Application Explanation

Project proposals will be evaluated using state priorities, COVID impact, and agency needs.

a. Agency Information

This section will require standard contact information from the requesting agency. The agency will need to disclose any CRF or other CARES ACT monies received OUTSIDE of the FY20 agency reimbursements. Please note each agency application will need to certify that the Head of Agency supports the submission. 

b. Fiscal Effects Assessment

This section contains a series of questions necessary for approval of CRF eligibility regarding guidance issued by the Department of Treasury. These questions pertain to the use of requested funds. On the Operational Expenditure application, under the Fiscal Effects Assessment section, you will also need to provide a brief description of the COVID-19 related need(s) or issue(s) that this funding will be addressing. Where possible, address how the funds benefit Kansans and/or delivery of services to Kansans

c. Project Summary

This section will require a project overview that address the nature of the projects and its impact, as well COVID-related needs it addresses. Please also note the timeline included should ensure project can be completed by December 31, 2020. Within this section your agency will need to provide the following information:

  • Project Description
  • Project Timeline 
  • What is the COVID-19 related need or issue that the project is addressing?
  • Does this project address and immediate or long-term need?
  • A brief description of how the requested funds will benefit Kansans.
  • Does the project create an ongoing/recurring cost for the requesting agency in future fiscal years? If so, estimated amount of recurring cost and identified funding.

d. Project Budget

This section will require specify cost of the program by expenditure category. Each requested expenditure will require a brief description

  • Salaries and Wages: Amounts paid to, or on behalf of, elected or appointed state officials and employees.
  • Contractual Services: Payments for communications, freight and express, printing and advertising, rentals, repairing and servicing, employee travel expense reimbursement, utilities, and professional or other services.
  • Commodities: Payments for consumable supplies, maintenance materials and parts, and other miscellaneous purchases.
  • Capital Outlay: Payments for machinery, equipment, land, vehicles, buildings and other major purchases.
  • Aid and Assistance: State or federal aid to local governments
  • Other Assistance: State or federal aid to qualified non-state entities

Operational Expenditure Application Explanation

Application Assistance