FY21 Agency Coronavirus Relief Fund (CRF) Process

All FY21 Agency Applications are for funding for the period from July 1, 2020 to December 30, 2020

The following outlines the application process in which agencies can apply for Coronavirus Relief Fund (CRF) dollars for the remainder of 2020. The agencies will no longer be receiving CRF through the reimbursements process that was used for FY20, but instead through this application process. There will be two applications available:

  1. Operational Expenditure – The first is exclusively for anticipated COVID-19 related operating expenditures. Operational expenditures are critical expenses needed to maintain productivity within the agency. Only one (1) operational expenditure application can be submitted per Agency (by agency number)
  2. Project Proposals –The second is for COVID-19 related projects, which includes requests for CRF that do not qualify as an operating expenditure. In general, a project has a defined beginning and ending date with specific goals, deliverables, features, functions, tasks, and costs. An agency may submit multiple project proposals as needed, recognizing that funding is very limited.

To review CRF requirements, please review published memos at the following link here.

 Applications will be due by Noon on September 4th, 2020.

Requests will be submitted and evaluated by The Office of Recovery in conjunction with the Division of Budget. Recommended funding will be presented to the SPARK Executive Committee for submission to the State Finance Council for final approval. Given limited funding availability and state priorities, funding levels may vary and is not guaranteed for any agency.  Specifics on reporting requirements and additional deadlines will follow once applications are approved.

Please note that agencies should continue to code all COVID-19 related expenditures as first directed by the Office of Accounts and Reports. As noted in a previous memo, while it will not be used for FY21 reimbursements, we will continue the current tracking guidelines for two reasons. First, the state needs to track these useful metrics irrespective of CRF funding, and second, COVID-19 personnel costs and admin leave still remain in a pool of eligible expenses for future consideration.

Please ensure you are in the correct application before submitting – operating expenditures vs. project proposals, as they are different. Application templates can be found on the following "Explanation" pages linked below. All submissions must come through the online application portal (links to the live applications are located at the top of this page).

Operational Expenditure Application Explanation

Project Proposal Application Explanation

Application Assistance