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The Vendor Payment Self Service website will be decommissioned on March 1, 2020 and will no longer be available for use. The Kansas eSupplier Portal currently allows suppliers to look up State of Kansas payment information. This portal requires suppliers to register for an account and then login to access payment information. The registration process requires the same information currently requested to access a payment on the Vendor Payment Self Service site.

Any supplier who has received a payment from the State of Kansas within the past 60 months can sign up to use the new portal. Once registered, users can view all received payments, as well as maintain category code information to receive notification of bid events that might be of interest. The site is not used to submit bids.

From the main portal page, click the “User Registration” tile to begin. The Instructions for Creating a Supplier User Account provide detailed directions for completing the registration process.


Vendor Payment Self Service

The Vendor Payment Self-Service section allows vendors to inquire on their automated clearing house (ACH - direct deposit) and paper check payments to determine which vendor invoices have been paid, either by check or ACH. This section allows vendors to access their information after they have authenticated themselves. There are two authentication paths – one for ACH payments and one for check payments.

To search for an ACH payment you will need your Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN), TIN Type (F = Federal Employer Identification Number or S = Social Security Number), and the bank account number to which the payment is being deposited. You will also need the approximate settlement date (the date the money was deposited in your bank account). The amount of the payment is optional information which may be entered to further refine the search.

To search for a check payment, you will need your Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN), TIN Type (F = Federal Employer Identification Number or S = Social Security Number), and the check number from the payment for which you are seeking remittance information.

Please see this document for assistance with using the Vendor Payment Self Service. Vendor Payment Self Service Job Aid


  • This information on this web site reflects only the issue of the original payment. Any updates to the status of the payment (cancelled, reconciled, etc...) may be viewed at the State of Kansas Office of the Treasurer State Warrant Search.
  • Only payments made from SMART (State of Kansas Financial Management System) on or after July 1, 2010 are included on this website.
  • Payment information is posted to this website on the Payment Date. For checks, that is the check date; for ACH, this is the settlement date, or the date the payment is posted to the vendor’s bank account.
  • Data is available on this website for 13 months from the payment date. This 13 month period begins with payments made on or after July 1, 2010. No payments prior to this date are included.
  • This website provides information for most payments but does not include payment information for employee payroll, employee expense reimbursements, retirement benefits, tax refunds, or unemployment benefits.
  • For further assistance in using this website, you may contact the Kansas Service Desk at phone: 785-368-8000, option 2.