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SMART Chart of Accounts

In the SMART system, accessing the Chart of Accounts involves the following procedures:

To access the Chart of Accounts for Fund, Budget Unit, and Appropriation or Expenditure Authority, please execute the query 'KS_CHART_OF_ACCOUNTS' in SMART.

The 'KS_CHART_OF_ACCOUNTS' query can be found by using the following navigation path in SMART: Reporting Tools, then Query, then Query Viewer.

On the Query Viewer page, in the 'Search By' field: Select the option of 'Query Name', and then enter 'KS_Chart_OF' in the ‘begins with’ field.  Click on either HTML or Excel next to the query: KS_CHART_OF_ACCOUNTS.

Once the selection is made, enter your five digit agency number in the ‘Unit’ prompt.  For example: '17300' for the Department of Administration.  Then, enter the Fiscal Year in the ‘Budget Period’ prompt.

If you wish to view a particular footnote for your agency, please note the footnote value in the query results (For example: '17320'), then search within the Footnotes document (file provided below) for the respective value.
When searching within the Footnotes' document, you can either use the find functionality (Ctrl + F shortcut) or manually scroll through the listing which is in agency number order.

The Chart of Accounts will be updated when entries to increase/decrease Appropriation/Expenditure Authority are posted to SMART, thus providing current information.

Fiscal Year Footnotes:
FY 2020
FY 2019
FY 2018
FY 2017
FY 2016
FY 2015
FY 2014
FY 2013
FY 2012
FY 2011