KCJIS COVID-19 Resources

CJIS Policy Information

CJIS Policy Information – KHP Launch Pad

  • KCJIS Security Policy Considerations for Telecommuting
  • Maintaining CJIS Compliance during COVID-19

Other Important Links

Governor’s Executive Orders - Link

KDHE - Coronavirus Resource Center

General Workplace Guidance

  • CDC - COVID-19 Employer Information for Office Buildings - Link
  • OSHA - Guidance on Workplace Preparation for COVID-19 - Link

Resources for Corrections and Detention Facilities

Law Enforcement Guidance

  • CDC Guidance for Law Enforcement - Link
  • DHS COVID-19 Exposure and Risk Mitigation Best Practices for Law Enforcement - Link

Guidance for EMS and PSAPS

FBI / US Attorney Office

  • COVID-19 News from the FBI and US Attorneys’ Offices - Link

Distinguish between Rumor and Fact