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How was the procedure for pre-qualification set up?

In 2001, a taskforce was set up to address what was determined to be deficiencies in construction for State of Kansas building construction projects.  The taskforce consisted of representatives from the AGC, AIA, Kansas Consulting Engineers, Kansas Builders Association, the State Building Advisory Commission, a general contractor, a subcontractor, various state agencies, Department of Administration legal counsel and the Division of Facilities Management.

The taskforce contacted Legislative Research to determine if there was an existing statute that would allow the Division of Facilities Management to pre-qualify bidders.  It was determined that K.S.A, 75-3741 had the language to define "responsible bidder".

The taskforce considered purchasing a packaged evaluation program.  After reviewing programs on the market, it was determined that they were too complicated and too expensive to justify their purchase and use.  At that time, the current process was established. 

OFPM made recommendations and the taskforce reviewed and approved the process prior to implementation.  Minor changes have been made throughout the years to refine the program.

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