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SBAC September 13, 2023 Nominations & Selections

KU On-call Civil-Structural Engineering Services

     Nominated:  Bartlett & West, BG, Benesch, SK Design, Olsson
     Interviews:  October 10, 2023
     Selection:  Benesch, SK Design

WSU McKnight Art Center - Printmaking Ventilation A-014871

     Nominated:  MKEC, ICE, IMEG, PGAV+PEC, Odimo
     Interviews:  October 17, 2023
     Selection:  IMEG

KU Strung Hall Chilled Water Distribution A-014884

     Nominated:  AEI, WSP, Introba, Smith & Boucher
     Interviews:  October 12, 2023
     Selection:  Smith & Boucher

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