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SBAC July 12, 2023 Nominations & Selections

ESU On-call Architectural Services

     Nominated:  BG, Clark & Enersen, BBN, Anderson Knight, Pluribus
     Interviews:  August 9, 2023
     Selection:  BG, Clark & Enersen, Pluribus

PSU On-call MEP Engineering Services

     Nominated:  Orazem & Scalora BG, ICE, LSA, Henderson
     Interviews:  August 22, 2023
     Selection:  Orazem & Scalora BG, ICE, LSA, Henderson

WSU Wilkins Stadium Expansion

     Nominated:  Crawford, GLMV, Schaefer, Alloy
     Interviews:  July 27, 2023
     Selection:  Contract Pending

PSU Programming Services for Tyler Research Center

     Nominated:  GLMV, TreanorHL, IAA, Clark Huesemann, Multistudio
     Interviews:   August 22, 2023 
     Selection:  Contract Pending

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