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SBAC January 10, 2024 Nominations and Selections

KSU Thompson Hall Renovation (A-014882)

     Nominated:  BBN, Clark Huesemann, Hollis & Miller, Odimo, BG
     Interviews:  February 20, 2024
     Selection:  Contract Pending

KSUS Residence Hall and Dining Center (A-014993)

     Nominated:  Anderson Knight, HTK, IAA, KSQ Design, TreanorHL
     Interviews:  PROEJCT CANCELLED

KSU Strong Complex Renovation (A-014988)

     Nominated:  Anderson Knight, BBN, HTK, PGAV, TreanorHL
     Interviews:  Februray 8, 2024
     Selection:  Contract Pending

KUMC Cancer Center CMAR

     Nominated:  Clark Construction, JE Dunn, Turner, McCown Gordon, Whiting Turner
     Interviews:  Tuesday February 14, 2024
     Selection:  Contract Pending

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