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SBAC February 9, 2022 Nominations & Selections

AGD On-call Architectural Services

     Nominated:  BBN, Schwerdt, BG Consultants, Clark & Enersen, LK Architecture
     Interviews:  March 9, 2022 (afternoon)
     Selection:  BBN, BG Consultants, LK Architecture

AGD On-call MEP Engineering Services

     Nominated:  Latimer Sommers, IMEG, Brack, Henderson
     Interviews:    April 1, 2022

AGD On-call Civil-Structural Services

     Nominated:  BG Consultants, Lochner, Kaw Valley Engineering
     Interviews:  March 11, 2022 (morning)
     Selection:  BG Consultants, Lochner, Kaw Valley Engineering

OFPM On-call Architectural Services - Eastern Kansas

     Nominated:  Schwerdt, Gould Evans, HTK, GLMV, CIVIUM
     Interviews:  March 3, 2022 (morning)
     Selection:  HTK & GLMV

KSU Programming Services

     Nominated:  HTK, Odimo, Gould Evand, Clark & Enersen, Clark Huesemann
     Interviews:    March 15, 2022 (afternoon)
     Selection:   Clark & Enersen

KSU Project Management Services - CANCELLED


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