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SBAC April 12, 2023 Nominations & Selection

KUMC Wahl Hall East Morgue Renovation

     Nominated:  PGAV, HFG
     Interviews:  April 25, 2023
     Selection:  Contract Pending

KSSDB On-call Architectural Services

     Nominated:  Civium, Pluribus, Architect One
     Interviews:  May 15, 203

AGD On-call Architectural Services

     Nominated:  Civium, Garver, Anderson Knight, HTK, Architect One
     Interviews:  April 24, 2023

DOC-WCF Industrial Building

     Nominated:  WDM, GLMV, BG Consultants, Bartlett & West, HTK
     Interviews:   May 9, 2023
     Selection:  Contract Pending

AGD Energy Conservation Project - Forbes Field

     Nominated:  Latimer Sommers, Garver, BG Consultants, Branch Pattern
     Interviews:  May 3, 2023
     Selection:  Contract Pending

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