Municipal Audits - FY 2016 - Hospitals

This page contains the FY 2016 audit reports of Kansas municipal hospitals.  Click "download" to open a specific .pdf file.
FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
Allen County HospitalPDF134.47 KB08 Jul, 2017 Download
Anderson County HospitalPDF10.30 MB29 Apr, 2017 Download
Ashland Hospital District No. 3PDF11.48 MB22 Aug, 2017 Download
Attica Hospital District No. 1, Harper CountyPDF8.25 MB10 May, 2017 Download
Board of Trustees of Ellinwood Hospital DistrictPDF313.41 KB31 May, 2017 Download
Board of Trustees of Smith County Memorial HospitalPDF66.53 KB04 Oct, 2016 Download
Bucklin Hospital District (dba Hill Top House)PDF1006.56 KB29 Apr, 2017 Download
Center for Counseling and ConsultationPDF382.10 KB13 Oct, 2017 Download
Central Kansas Mental Health CenterPDF839.32 KB08 Jul, 2017 Download
Cheyenne County Hospital Board of Trustees FundPDF60.77 KB24 Jun, 2017 Download
City - Cowley County Health DepartmentPDF1.14 MB30 Sep, 2017 Download
Clay County Medical CenterPDF12.61 MB12 Apr, 2017 Download
Coffey Health SystemPDF383.94 KB04 Aug, 2017 Download
Comanche County HospitalPDF372.03 KB25 May, 2017 Download
Community Hospital District No. 1 of Pottawatomie, Jackson, and Nemaha CountiesPDF1.20 MB25 Oct, 2017 Download
Community Mental Health Center of Crawford CountyPDF3.36 MB25 Aug, 2017 Download
Edwards County HospitalPDF285.78 KB26 Jun, 2017 Download
Ellsworth County Medical CenterPDF91.57 KB20 Jan, 2017 Download
Family Service and Guidance Center of Topeka (incl Single Audit)PDF165.97 KB25 May, 2017 Download
Fowler Hospital DistrictPDF896.58 KB01 Dec, 2017 Download
Fredonia Regional HospitalPDF364.42 KB10 Jun, 2017 Download
Geary Community HospitalPDF188.87 KB31 Oct, 2016 Download
Goodland Regional Medical CenterPDF5.10 MB24 May, 2017 Download
Gove County Medical CenterPDF395.18 KB21 Jun, 2017 Download
Graham County HospitalPDF103.46 KB08 Jul, 2017 Download
Greenwood County HospitalPDF385.01 KB18 Jan, 2018 Download
Grisell Memorial Hospital District No. 1PDF360.88 KB04 May, 2017 Download
Hamilton County HospitalPDF641.63 KB01 Feb, 2018 Download
Hanover Hospital (Washington County Hospital District No. 1)PDF5.24 MB26 Dec, 2017 Download
Herington Municipal HospitalPDF9.23 MB04 Feb, 2017 Download
High Plains Mental Health Center (incl Single Audit)PDF742.92 KB24 May, 2017 Download
Hodgeman County Health CenterPDF344.76 KB04 May, 2017 Download
Hospital District No. 1, Crawford CountyPDF6.77 MB29 Apr, 2017 Download
Hospital District No. 1, Rice CountyPDF428.33 KB13 Dec, 2016 Download
Hospital District No. 1, Sumner CountyPDF691.95 KB01 May, 2017 Download
Hospital DIstrict No. 5, Harper CountyPDF409.60 KB08 May, 2017 Download
Jewell County HospitalPDF127.38 KB08 Jul, 2017 Download
Kearny County HospitalPDF3.53 MB12 Jun, 2017 Download
Kiowa County Memorial HospitalPDF105.69 KB27 Jul, 2017 Download
Kiowa Hospital DistrictPDF396.30 KB18 Jul, 2017 Download
Labette County Medical CenterPDF2.61 MB30 Aug, 2017 Download
Lane County HospitalPDF92.12 KB16 May, 2017 Download
Lawrence Memorial HospitalPDF170.92 KB29 Apr, 2017 Download
Lincoln County HospitalPDF8.13 MB19 Aug, 2016 Download
Logan County Hospital PDF215.34 KB22 Mar, 2018 Download
Logan Manor Community Health ServicesPDF86.85 KB15 Jun, 2017 Download
Marion County Hospital District No. 1PDF127.16 KB16 Feb, 2017 Download
Meade Hospital District PDF1.65 MB25 Aug, 2018 Download
Medicine Lodge Memorial HospitalPDF964.25 KB26 Jun, 2017 Download
Memorial Hospital of Hospital District No. 1, Dickinson CountyPDF11.58 MB08 May, 2017 Download
Midwest Public RiskPDF1.52 MB29 Nov, 2016 Download
Midwest Public Risk of KansasPDF1.43 MB29 Nov, 2016 Download
Mitchell County Hospital Health SystemPDF11.54 MB29 Oct, 2016 Download
Morris County HospitalPDF412.59 KB25 May, 2017 Download
Neosho Memorial Regional Medical CenterPDF16.42 MB29 Jul, 2017 Download
Ness County Hospital District No. 2PDF364.36 KB29 Apr, 2017 Download
Newman Memorial County HospitalPDF7.41 MB03 May, 2017 Download
Northeast Kansas Multi-County Health DepartmentsPDF1.14 MB30 Nov, 2016 Download
Norton County HospitalPDF146.13 KB17 Nov, 2016 Download
Osborne County Memorial HospitalPDF363.08 KB24 May, 2017 Download
Ottawa County Health CenterPDF63.46 KB25 Feb, 2017 Download
Rawlins County Health CenterPDF355.48 KB25 Jan, 2017 Download
Republic County HospitalPDF328.74 KB15 Apr, 2017 Download
Rice County Hospital District No. 2PDF607.35 KB23 Sep, 2017 Download
Rooks County Health CenterPDF373.94 KB04 Aug, 2017 Download
Rush County Memorial HospitalPDF93.01 KB24 May, 2017 Download
Russell Regional HospitalPDF9.43 MB04 Feb, 2017 Download
Satanta District HospitalPDF364.67 KB06 Jun, 2017 Download
Scott County HospitalPDF1.41 MB01 Feb, 2017 Download
Scott County Rest HomePDF12.20 MB28 Sep, 2017 Download
Sheridan County Health Complex (incl Single Audit)PDF126.02 KB15 Apr, 2017 Download
South Central Kansas Regional Medical CenterPDF432.72 KB02 Aug, 2017 Download
Southeast Kansas Multi-County Health DepartmentPDF397.28 KB01 Sep, 2017 Download
Southwest Guidance CenterPDF145.72 KB24 May, 2017 Download
Southwest Medical CenterPDF11.67 MB04 May, 2017 Download
Spearville Hospital District PDF175.82 KB25 Jul, 2017 Download
Stevens County HospitalPDF349.75 KB06 Jun, 2017 Download
Trego County - Lemke Memorial HospitalPDF9.68 MB29 Jun, 2017 Download
Valeo Behavioral Health Care (incl Single Audit)PDF384.62 KB29 Aug, 2017 Download
Washington County HospitalPDF3.45 MB25 Aug, 2018 Download
Wichita County Health CenterPDF347.99 KB24 May, 2017 Download
William Newton Memorial HospitalPDF10.00 MB29 Jul, 2017 Download