Municipal Audits - FY 2015 - Townships

This page contains FY 2015 audit reports of Kansas townships.  Click "download" to open a specific .pdf file.
FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
Auburn Township, Shawnee CountyPDF138.18 KB03 Aug, 2016 Download
Bruno Township, Butler CountyPDF1.59 MB15 Dec, 2016 Download
Clay Township, Reno CountyPDF551.10 KB01 Feb, 2017 Download
Douglass Township, Butler CountyPDF685.74 KB11 Nov, 2017 Download
El Dorado Township, Butler CountyPDF672.84 KB22 Mar, 2017 Download
Eudora Township, Douglas CountyPDF557.89 KB21 Jun, 2016 Download
Haskell Township, Haskell CountyPDF1013.88 KB15 Jul, 2016 Download
Kanwaka Township, Douglas CountyPDF3.27 MB07 Oct, 2016 Download
Kechi Township, Sedgwick CountyPDF138.62 KB13 Jul, 2016 Download
McPherson Township, McPherson CountyPDF156.77 KB04 Jan, 2017 Download
Menoken Township, Shawnee CountyPDF1.11 MB04 Oct, 2016 Download
Minneha Township, Sedgwick CountyPDF136.10 KB11 Oct, 2016 Download
Mission Township, Shawnee CountyPDF247.58 KB29 Dec, 2016 Download
Palmyra Township, Douglas CountyPDF3.60 MB08 Mar, 2016 Download
Pleasant Township, Butler CountyPDF176.55 KB15 Oct, 2016 Download
Riverside Township, Sedgwick CountyPDF638.95 KB06 Apr, 2016 Download
Soldier Township, Shawnee CountyPDF1.40 MB13 Dec, 2016 Download
Tecumseh Township, Shawnee CountyPDF111.17 KB18 Jul, 2016 Download
Wakarusa Township, Douglas CountyPDF3.18 MB08 Mar, 2016 Download
Williamsport Township, Shawnee CountyPDF145.57 KB13 Jul, 2016 Download