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What are the different Setoff Status values on a payment voucher in SMART and what do they mean? Where can I view the Setoff Status?

On April 7, 2015, a SMART info blast was emailed to agencies with the subject line of SMART Voucher Setoff Status Field Updated.  The email contained the definition for each SMART collection status transaction indicated on a SMART payment voucher.  The setoff status can be viewed on the voucher Summary tab and on the voucher Payment tab.  The values in SMART are as follows:

Setoff Status Definition
Not Processed by Collections Default status for all new vouchers
Exempt from Collections Exempt from setoff/offset based on Account
Not Eligible for Collection Manually identified as not eligible for setoff/offset
Rdy to Snd for Collctns Analys Eligible to be sent for debt match analysis based on Account
This does not mean it will be setoff/offset
In Collection Eligiblty Analys Sent to Setoff/KTOP for debt match analysis
This does not mean it will be setoff/offset
No Credit memo created No debt match was found – full payment released for paycycle
Collections Complete Debt match was found – partial or $0 payment released for paycycle

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