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How can I tell in SMART when a payment voucher has been offset?

When a voucher is entered in SMART, it will begin in a “Not Processed by Collections” status.  The information can be located on the Summary tab of the payment voucher in the Setoff Status field.

At 10 a.m. daily, all payments scheduled to pay that day, aside from a small list of exceptions, are sent to KTOP for analysis to determine if there is a debt match.  At this point, the voucher Setoff Status value will either be set to “Exempt from Collections” or “In Collection Eligiblty Analys.”  This does NOT mean the payment is being offset.

By 2 p.m., any payment without a debt match is released for paycycle and will show a Setoff Status of “No Credit memo created.”  Payments that have a debt match will continue to be in a “In Collection Eligiblty Analys” status until the debt offset occurs.  When that process is complete, the voucher will then have a status of “Collections Complete.”

In addition, a SMART user can also identify if an offset was made by going to the Payments tab on the SMART voucher and looking at the Message field under the Payment Options section.  Federal debts are identified with the following verbiage in the payment Message field of the voucher:  OFFSET PER K.S.A. 75-6201 ET SEQ  QUESTIONS CALL 785-296-4500.

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