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Voucher Audit Instructions

  1. Agency Number - Required three-digit state agency code must correspond with agency name on voucher.
  2. Current Document Number - Required. Will allow up to eight characters to identify the document; first character must be "V" for a payment voucher.
  3. Document Date - Required field. Six digits in MMDDYY format.
  4. Effective date - Determines which month to post transaction. Six digits in MMDDYY format. If left blank, will default to today's date for online and data key documents. This field must be completed on documents submitted to STARS on magnetic tape.
  5. Due date - Optional field. Six digits in MMDDYY format. Identifies a future date upon which the warrant will be written. Then expenditure will charge when the voucher is processed.
  6. Vendor number / suffix - Nine digit number / two digit suffix identifies the vendor to which a warrant is to be written.
  7. Payment Indicator (PI) - Method of payment is selected by use of one of the following values:

    A - Return warrant to agency
    X - Pay via electronic deposit (ACH)
    Blank - Warrant mailed to vendor by Accounts and Reports

  8. Name / Address - Identifies the vendor. If payment is encumbered, the name must agree with the encumbrance document if the encumbrance is specific to a particular vendor.
  9. Paying Agency Name and Address - Must be complete.
  10. Current Document Suffix - Two digits to identify the line number.
  11. Transaction Code - Required three-digit number determines the accounting impact and edit rules for the transaction.
  12. Reference Document Number - Eight digits. Used only if payment is encumbered. This number identifies an encumbered document previously entered into STARS.
  13. Reference Document Suffix - Two digits. Required when reference document number is entered. Identifies each line of the reference document.
  14. Modifier - Identifies liquidation of pre-encumbrances and encumbrances as Partial or Final. Valid values are:

    P  -  Partial liquidation
    F  -  Final liquidation
    A  -  Activate a closed document

  15. Fund - Required. Four digits identify the fund impacted by the transaction. The fund is reviewed for validity and appropriateness for items being purchased or services being rendered.
  16. Fiscal Year - Required. Reviewed to ensure expenditure is being charged to the proper year. If a prior year is being charged, the reference document number, reference document suffix, and modifier should be completed.
  17. Index - Required. Four digits reference the budget unit to which the transaction should be charged.
  18. Program Cost Account (PCA) - Required. Five digits identify the program to which the expenditure is charged. The significance is at the agency level. Audited on an exception basis.
  19. Expenditure Subobject - Four-digit number identifies the type of expenditure. The subobject code should reflect the description given in the " description of material or service" section of the voucher. In cases where multiple subobjects are reflected, each subobject must correspond to an area of the description.


    Revenue Subobject - Four-digit number identifies the type of revenue. This code is appropriate in conjunction with certain transaction codes including but not limited to 717 and 723.
  20. Detail - Not used.
  21. Amount - Required. Reflects the amount to be charged to fund/subobject listed and should correspond to the description portion of the voucher.
  22. Invoice Number - Optional, but recommended. Fourteen digits provide for entry of vendor's invoice number to be included on the remittance advice.
  23. Description - Optional but recommended. Thirty digits provide for entry or a brief description to be included on the remittance advice.
  24. Agency Use - Sixteen digits. Available to agencies for agency determined applications.
  25. Contract Number - Open-end contract number established by the Division of Purchases.
  26. Document Total - Total of all the funding lines.
  27. Date and Invoice Number - Must be complete.
  28. Quantity / Unit - Must be complete.
  29. Description of Material and Service - This section is reviewed to determine the type of expenditure for which payment is being made. Then expenditure should be in accordance with all statutes, regulations and policies.
  30. Unit Price - Must be complete.
  31. Amount - Must equal quantity times unit price.
  32. Agency Payment Certification - Must be signed by an agency-authorized official.

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