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11-P-012 International ACH Transactions (IAT) in SHARP

DATE: November 9, 2010

International ACH Transactions (IAT) in SHARP


Earl Brynds

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Implementation of IAT Transactions in SHARP


The functionality for processing new International ACH transactions (IAT) has been completed in SHARP for all non-Regent agencies.  Agencies are reminded that new National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA) rules require the identification of any ACH payment that may result in the transfer of those funds to a financial agency outside the U.S. as an International ACH transaction (IAT).  Transactions identified as IAT require additional information to be provided for the transactions to flow through the banking process.  However, it is anticipated that very few, if any, State of Kansas payroll transactions will be required to be identified as International ACH transactions.  The “International ACH Bank” checkbox is intended to be selected if AND ONLY IF the entire amount of the direct deposit to a specific account may result in the transfer of funds to a financial agency outside the U.S.  Otherwise, the “International ACH Bank” checkbox should be left blank on the employee Direct Deposit page in  SHARP.  Agencies should also confirm with any employee who has checked the ‘International ACH Bank’ box on Form DA-184, Authorization for Direct Deposit of Employee Pay, that the designation is valid before making entries on the Direct Deposit page.

Agencies can refer to Accounts and Reports Informational Circular 10-P-012 for information on where the IAT checkbox is located on the SHARP employee Direct Deposit page.

The final step for full IAT implementation is to complete changes for Regents processing.  Changes required to the Regents files to implement the IAT functionality will be released to the Regents in the near future.


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