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11-P-010 Re-Creation of FY11 SHARP Payroll Reports and Interfaces

DATE: October 25, 2010

Re-Creation of FY11 SHARP Payroll Reports and Interfaces


Sunni Zentner

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Re-creation of Corrected KPAYWAGE, KPAY303, KPAYGL5C Payroll Reports and Interfaces for FY11


The implementation of the delivered general ledger process required updates to several reports and interfaces generated from the Statewide Human Resource and Payroll (SHARP) system. Reports and interfaces generated on or after June 23, 2010 included the changes.

Initial issues with specific payroll reports and interfaces resulted in immediate corrections and
re-issuance of certain reports and interfaces either Statewide or for specific agencies. The recent identification of issues that impact multiple agencies has resulted in additional programming to correct these errors. The errors have included missing or duplicated data for certain adjustment transactions and incorrect position numbers for employees with multiple positions.

Due to these additional changes, the payroll reports and interfaces listed below will be re-run for all pay period end dates paid in FY11.

It is strongly recommended that agencies discard previous reports and interfaces and download the most current version from the agency MVS directory to provide accurate data for reporting.

  • KPAYWAGE: Salary and Wages Breakdown by Classification
  • KPAY303: Agency Salary and Expense File by Jobcode
  • KPAYGL5C: General Ledger Interface Download (select agencies)

The reports and interfaces will be run in order starting on Oct. 25, 2010 and beginning with the earliest FY11 pay period end date and moving forward to the most recent pay period end date.

The reports and interfaces for several pay period end dates may be recreated on the same day. Agency functional and technical staff should review agency processes to determine if any changes are necessary to accommodate these files. Agencies will have to review the Date/Time stamp on the file or open the file to determine the pay period end date of the data.

Agencies are encouraged to contact Payroll Services if any additional questions or issues are encountered with these reports.


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