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10-P-011 Change in the Setup and Usage of Current Percentage Differential Earnings Codes (Supersedes 08-P-048 & 03-P-048)

DATE: December 4, 2009

Change in the Setup and Usage of Current Percentage Differential Earnings Codes

EFFECTIVE DATE: Payroll Period Ending December 26, 2009

Earl Brynds

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Changes to Current Percentage Differential Earnings Codes in Preparation for the Implementation of Time and Labor

Currently, percentage differential earnings codes in SHARP are paid using both an “Hours” earnings code and a “Pay” earnings code.  The differential hours are entered with one code on the Timesheet and the pay code is entered on the employee’s Additional Pay page.  This method of paying the differential earnings codes will not work correctly with the implementation of Time and Labor on July 1, 2010 due to the way the system calculates the Labor Cost allocation.  Therefore, changes to the setup and usage of the percentage differential earnings codes have been identified and will be implemented effective with the payroll period beginning December 13, 2009 and ending December 26, 2009 paid January 8, 2010 so that the new usage of the earnings codes will be consistent throughout calendar year 2010.

The changes being implemented result in the ‘Pay’ earnings codes no longer being necessary.  As a result, on December 22, 2009 the following ‘Pay’ codes will be automatically ended on each employee’s current Additional Pay page with an End Date of December 13, 2009.  These ‘pay’ codes should no longer be used effective with payroll periods beginning on or after December 13, 2009.  No action is required on the part of SHARP agency personnel to end the following pay codes on the employees’ Additional Pay record:

Earnings Code Description
P1P Pay Diff Pay-Corrections-10%
P2P Pay Diff Pay-JJA-Lead Wrkr-5%
P3P Pay Diff Pay-JJA-Spec Unit-5%
P4P Pay Differential Pay-2%
S3P Shift 3 Pay-10%


Effective with the payroll period beginning December 13, 2009, only hours for percentage differential earnings will need to be entered on the employee’s timesheet at the time of other time and leave entry.    The following ‘Hours’ differential earnings codes will continue to be used:

Earnings Code     Description
P1H Pay Diff Hours-Corrections-10%
P2H Pay Diff Hours-JJA-Lead Wrkr-5%
P3H Pay Diff Hours-JJA-Spec Unit-5%
P4H Pay Differential Hours-2%
S3H Shift 3 Hours-10%


The ‘Hours’ earnings will continue to default on the employee’s time sheet as long as the employee continues to be attached to a work schedule which includes the differential earnings code.  Agencies will continue to be unable to process a paycheck adjustment for any paychecks that contain one of the ‘old’ ‘Pay’ earnings codes.  In these situations, the agency should continue to submit a paycheck adjustment request to Accounts & Reports, Payroll Services on a Form DA-180, Paycheck Reversal/Supplemental/Adjustment. However, effective with the elimination of the use of the ‘Pay’ earnings codes (payroll period beginning December 13, 2009 and ending December 26, 2009) agencies will be able to process a paycheck reversal/adjustment directly in SHARP for paychecks which contain only the ‘Hours’ differential earnings codes. 

The Division of Accounts and Reports, Payroll Systems Team is responsible for updating these earnings codes in the SHARP system.  Regent’s institutions are responsible for ensuring these code changes are updated in their individual systems.



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