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09-P-022 Addition of Earnings Code for No Response Time

DATE: January 30, 2009
SUBJECT: Addition of Earnings Code for No Response Time
EFFECTIVE DATE: January 25, 2009
CONTACT: Cindy Lo (785) 296-2259 cindy.lo@da.ks.gov
APPROVAL: Image of approval signature.

Addition of Earnings Code ‘NOR’ for Eligible KOSE Employees

The Unit 1 Supplemental Agreement between the State of Kansas and the Kansas Organization of State Employees (KOSE) that became effective January 25, 2009, stipulates that in the event eligible KOSE non-exempt employees are sent home early from their regularly scheduled shift in anticipation of call-back but are not called, they shall be paid for the no response time constituting the remainder of that shift.  

A new earnings code has been added to SHARP effective January 25, 2009 to administer the no response time earnings.  The following earnings code is eligible to be used starting with the pay period beginning January 25, 2009 through February 7 , 2009 paid February 20, 2009.


NOR No Response Time NoRespTime 01/25/2009

NOR should be used for eligible non-exempt employees only and counts toward FLSA/Overtime and leave accrual (hours in pay status for leave accrual purposes).

The Division of Accounts and Reports, Payroll Systems Team, is responsible for adding the new earnings code in the SHARP system.  Regents’ institutions are responsible for implementing the new earnings code in their payroll systems.


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