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09-P-004 KOSE Enrollment/Cancellation Processing

DATE: September 24, 2008

KOSE Enrollment/Cancellation Processing


John Yeary

Lori Kitch

(785) 296-2033

(785) 354-1174



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Enrollment and Cancellation Processing for KOSE Members


The Kansas Organization of State Employees (KOSE) conducts membership drives throughout the year. Normally, enrollment forms are completed and submitted directly to KOSE by the employee. KOSE then forwards copies of the enrollment forms to John Yeary in the Labor Relations office of the Department of Administration for entry into SHARP. Under normal processing procedures for KOSE enrollment forms, agencies will not receive copies of the authorization/cancellation forms.

If, for any reason, agency personnel receive a KOSE enrollment/cancellation form directly from an employee, the agency should forward the form to the KOSE office at the following address:

1301 SW Topeka Boulevard
Topeka, KS 66612

KOSE will then forward the form to Labor Relations for SHARP entry.

Questions regarding an employee’s payroll deduction for KOSE should be directed to John Yeary using the contact information noted above.

The enrollment/cancellation procedures outlined above apply only to enrollment/cancellation forms for KOSE. The procedures for enrollment/cancellation forms for all other employee organizations remain unchanged.



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