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16-A-014 Revised FY 2016 Employee Expense Reimbursement Handbook, Travel Summary Trifold and Policy Manuals Effective January 1, 2016 (December 28, 2015)

Informational Circular No. 16-A-014

Date of this Informational Circular:

Effective Date:

December 28, 2015

January 1, 2016

Contact Name:
  1. Ginnie Schirmer
  2. Shelley Harvey
  3. Brad Elkins
  4. Brandy Wilson
  5. Chuck Wilson
  6. Janette Martin


  1. (785) 296-7021
  2. (785) 296-2707
  3. (785) 296-3356
  4. (785) 296-6260
  5. (785) 296-6033
  6. (785) 296-2708

  1. ginnie.schirmer@da.ks.gov
  2. shelley.harvey@da.ks.gov
  3. bradley.elkins@da.ks.gov
  4. brandy.wilson@da.ks.gov
  5. chuck.wilson@da.ks.gov
  6. janette.martin@da.ks.gov
Approval:       DeAnn Hill
                    (Original Signature on File) 

Summary:  Revised FY 2016 Employee Travel Expense Reimbursement Handbook, Travel Summary Tri-fold, and other updated travel related Policy Manuals implementing the change to CONUS Meals and Incidental Expense (M&IE) and Lodging Rates for travel January 1, 2016 and thereafter.


This Informational Circular is to announce that the Employee Travel Expense Reimbursement Handbook and Employee Travel Expense Reimbursement Summary Tri-fold have been updated to reflect changes to travel subsistence rates effective for travel occurring on and after January 1, 2016.


In addition, the following Policy Manuals have been updated to reflect changes to travel policies announced previously and will be effective beginning January 1, 2016:

  • PM 3,903 Employee Travel Expense Reimbursement Handbook
  • PM 3,607 Employee Moving Expense Reimbursement
  • PM 10,754 Prepaid Turnpike Accounts

Note that on January 1, 2016, Policy Manual 3,904 Border City Designation – Border City Rule is no longer effective and will be deleted.

In addition, note that the DA-37 form has been retitled as “Reduced Subsistence Allowance” and will allow an agency to pay an employee a reduced amount for M&IE allowance or lodging expense with prior approval of the agency head or designee.

Procedures for the revised DA-37 can be found in the Employee Travel Expense Reimbursement Handbook.  The revised DA-37 form can be obtained at the DofA Document Center website as follows: http://www.admin.ks.gov/resources/document-center.    

SMART query to obtain CONUS subsistence rates:
A query “KS_EX_CONUS_RATES” is available in SMART 9.2 which provides the effective CONUS and OCONUS travel locations and subsistence rates. SMART will be updated semi-annually with the October 1 and April 1 subsistence rates.


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