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16-A-001 FY2016 Private Vehicle Mileage (Superseded)

Informational Circular No: 16-A-001

Supersedes Informational Circular No: 15-A-004
Date of this Informational Circular: July 1, 2015  

DeAnn Hill (Original Signature on File)  

FY 2016 Private Vehicle Mileage Rates


Contact Name Phone Number
Ginnie Schirmer (785) 296-7021
Shelley Harvey (785) 296-2707
Brad Elkins (785) 296-3356
Brandy Wilson (785) 296-6260
Janette Martin (785) 296-2708

As authorized by K.S.A. 75-3203a, the Secretary of Administration has fixed the private vehicle maximum mileage reimbursement rates for FY 2016 at:

57¢ per mile for privately owned automobile

54¢ per mile for privately owned motorcycle

23¢ per mile for moving mileage rate

$1.29 per mile for privately owned airplane (based on air miles rather than highway miles)

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