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10-a-011 - Year-end encumbrances (March 8, 2010) (Supplements 10-A-009)

INFORMATIONAL CIRCULAR NO. 10-A-011 Supplements10-a-009
DATE: March 8, 2010
SUBJECT: Year-end encumbrances

Randy Kennedy

(785) 296-2125


APPROVAL: Image of approval signature.

Processing DA107s in lieu of DA118s


Because of the transition to SMART, it is strongly suggested that agencies submit vendor specific DA107s rather than DA118s for the 2010 year-end. Your DA118 operator ID has been altered to be a DA118/DA107 operator ID. This will allow you to use transaction code 864 in addition to 892. These sign-ons are available for use immediately. Please submit DA107 batches separate from DA118 batches.

Transaction code 864 requires a vendor number and suffix. The DA107 numbering scheme can either use the DA118 format or the DA107 format. The DA107 format is P710xxxx, where the 1st character can be A, B or C, the next three characters are fixed, and the last four are your choice. The DA118 format is PA900XXX or P0900XXX with the first character A, B or C, the next four characters A900 or 0900, and the last three are your choice.

If you have submitted your DA118s as datasets in the past, you can contact me and I will supply you with the IN record layout for DA107 encumbrances. Since this is a new process, it is preferable that you initially transmit a small batch to confirm the fields are formatted properly.

If you have keyed on-line DA118s in the past, you can key online DA107s. DA107s are keyed just like payment vouchers, except the batch type is 3, and the DISB-METH field is blank. Use F3 to enter the description. Note that the voucher will print DA120 at the top left rather than DA107.


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